Establishing Healthy Habits


Exercise is very important in human life, and it is probably one of the major foundations of healthy living. It generally reduces the mental stress since it reduces anxiety, the negative moods, and depression by boosting the self-esteem of an individual alongside the cognitive function. Physical exercises and dieting are very critical for successful human life. Diet programs often result in significant weight loss over a short term; however, sustaining the weight loss is very difficult and frequently requires making exercise and a low food energy diet a permanent component of a person’s lifestyle. Exercise also elevates the possibility of one losing attachment from the public. Research has proved that physical activity is very important to patients especially those suffering from diseases like obesity and schizophrenia besides the weight loss associated with antipsychotic treatment.


Psychology studies have for so long concentrated on the study of mental health hence ignoring the major factors that undermine or promotes good mental health. This makes many people miss out on the mental health meaning. In my very own personal opinion, mental health entails regulation of emotions, managing the thoughts you might be having, regulation of emotions and above all, behaving in a positive way or rather manner in spite of the circumstances. Development of mental strength entails finding the courage of living the values and getting bold to define your success (Riebe et al. 2015). This research paper seeks to analyze how exercise can improve a person’s mental health.

Some researchers have come up with different methods of explaining the relationship between the mental health of an individual and the physical exercise done in a day maybe thirty to sixty minutes a day. The hypotheses proposed by the different researchers try to explain the benefits of physical activity on social interaction, self-efficacy and distraction all falling under mental health benefits. As people with special health conditions are advised to have their separate package, a lifestyle that focuses more on increasing the moderate intensity and accumulation is more appropriate for patients (Riebe et al. 2015). In the recent past according to instructions from the doctors, it has been found that adherence to the physical activity and such interventions in the psychiatric is one that has a benefits only comparable to that of the general population. Hence, the research question this paper seeks to answer is, can exercise improve the mental health of an individual?

Mental health entails more than people believe. Hard work plus commitment is a necessity for better results once one starts doing his or her exercises daily. It is all about establishing healthy habits besides choosing to devote the time and energy that is required for self-improvement. Mental strength is essential during hard times when the weaknesses in a person’s mind are exposed to trial through the problem that may have arisen. The best ways through which physical exercise can help in boosting mental health according to the research I conducted include the following.


The research I conducted showed that walks around are a very important part of exercises and walking generally has benefitted many people all over the world either knowingly or unknowingly. It is one of the simplest exercise done by almost everybody however what matters is the distance of coverage. Clinical officers and other specialist have advised that putting one leg in front of the others generally improves the mental wellbeing of a person. From a quote on the article, the top suggestion is that an exercise remains a great idea. An exercise does not have to be hours spent in the gym. The quality of the exercise is much important than the number of hours taken. The most important bit is that moving the body parts enjoyable and effortlessly is the beginning of an exercise. Too many goals are the beginning of failure in an exercise activity (Anna, 2017). The research was also able to find out that low-intensity aerobic activity is one of the best exercises that encourages one to think positively and critically besides improving the person’s alertness.


This is another very famous kind of exercise across the world with the majority of its lovers being in the United Kingdom and America. It seems to be an obvious kind of exercise but adding to an already existing walking makes ones mental health more dynamic, and so, Yoga should be a regular activity in support to human brain function as stated by specialist Jacqueline who states that, for those who love the gentle movement, one should probably go for yoga. This kind of exercise is quite soothing. The exercise is proved to be one of the most therapeutic when compared to other kinds of exercise (Anna, 2017). According to the above claim by the doctor and the specialist, the best way of coming up with a mind-body connection. Many young players seeking to be successful since the rate of one performing this operation is directly proportional to the mental health of a person.


Swimming is an activity loved by many people even though they do not know the origin health benefits attributed to the practice. According to Jacqueline a specialist in psychology and mental health, swimming is a low-impact and non-weight-bearing option that makes people have a mental health boost just by taking at least a ten-minute swimming daily. Participating in a swimming activity at least for ten minutes in a day and enjoying the swimming, it is anticipated that it comes with a lot of mental health benefits. The activity freshens the mind and makes the mind more stable to handle any emergency and problems that might arise. Feeling enthused with doing something in this case swimming makes it more refreshing than having it done as a basic necessity. It carries long many benefits as stated by Jaquelin who claims that, thinking about the feeling that comes afterward noticing your thoughts about the exercise beforehand. This, therefore, means that getting to the right actions, the right ideas must be in your mind before taking action (Anna, 2017).

A high intensity of exercise is also said to be a bit strenuous hence increasing the levels of stress and so, owing to surge in the adrenaline and cortisol, however, as one becomes more active, the body gets used to this hence learns to become more resilient over time hence supporting the stress that might be arising in his or her daily life (Bell et al. 2014). This is probably why stress is an essential factor in having better mental health. Barry, a Bootcamp owner, believes that training has a lot of benefits to our health than it hinders the female counterparts. In a statement, he said that he, not a doctor but instead an anecdotal and based on the evidence from speaking to your clients, you get to know how important the exercise is to them as it refreshes their brains every time they feel their mind if full.


This is another activity that requires a lot of energy from the person carrying out the activity. It was one of the most common, and as technology advances, the practice has gone down as people prefer vehicles and motorbikes (Brett et al. 2016). The activity strains both the mind and the body, and so, it has mental health benefits according to my research. According to Psycle CEO alongside his instructor, they state that the psychological side is pretty important just like the physical aspects to us humans. Exercise has proved in the recent past to improve numerous mental aspects including stress relief, concentration, good memory, and mental clarity. Research has also proved that exercise relieves one from depression and anxiety. Exercise reduces stress hormones that affect the mood. It enables one to gain more confidence, resilience, and motivation. Exercise has also been found to delay cognitive dementia and decline in aging. It also makes one have improved decision making, problem-solving skills, and reasoning. The duo goes ahead to state that, ‘It’s so important to be able to stay positive and get into the right frame of mind before teaching a class. No matter what is going on in their personal or professional life that day, the instructors need to be able to switch into leader mode and focus only on the good energy” (Anna, 2017).

In summary, exercises and mental health are both variables that are similarly dependent on each other. We have to do exercise to better our mental health since it confirms the exercises and accurate anticipation by mental health which gets improved by the training. The activities we talk about are important and cannot be ignored as it has been in the past. From the research above, it is evident that exercise does not only have a positive effect on our mental health but also in our social life that entails self-esteem, resilience, and motivation. It is hence essential to consider having a daily exercise done at least for some minutes before winding up your day. I, therefore, recommend that any other interested person can do this research to prove the validity of anything more or different from what I did, I, however, believe my analysis is full evidence pointing to the success of the paper.

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