Habit won’t Earn you Higher Performance

Hey, please wait! Just a piece of brief information for you before you proceed with what you were doing. Don’t you think you should do better than you’re doing now? Are you not supposed to have achieved more than this? Well, I think you deserve better, and you can be more productive. How? Well, it’ll be of great advantage to you if you can read beyond this paragraph. Trust me; it’ll be an adventurous journey of no regret.

‘Look at him; he’s now the best engineer in town. I want to be the best too.’ ‘Wow! Fred has completed the project we both discussed. How I wish I had started then. I want to complete mine too.’ ‘Hey Khan, you now speak French fluently, amazing! But you didn’t understand the language at all when we met two years ago; we only promised each other to learn it. I want to learn French too.’

Hello my able reader, is it only about ‘wanting to?’ Obviously no. So I ask, when will you start what you need to do too? When will you migrate from ‘I want to’ to ‘I am now doing it’ or ‘I have completed it’? Maybe you need to know this – procrastinating is not the best way you can live. That habit won’t earn you higher performance. To be realistic, it’s not your ideal way of life.

You are meant to be successful just like those you always ‘want to’ be like. You know what? You can even be better than them. But on this condition – you need to employ higher performance habits that are going to be analyzed thoroughly in this book. No successful man ever lives the other way and attains the height of success.

Among the backbones of the successful ones is their highly polished habit. Like I said earlier, anyone can be wealthy. Anyone can be successful. Anyone can attain the highest height irrespective of his/her background. The realization of this will eventually be traced down to how you use your time, the habits you employed, and your level of self-discipline. J.K Rowling said, ‘It doesn’t matter how you’re born, but what you grow to be.’ You can be born-again, even if not in spirit.

Without getting you deceived, I can prove to you that whatever you become in life is absolutely the product of what you engage in and the techniques you apply (how you live). Nevertheless, some people stand a better chance than others, probably because of the environment or family they were born into, people they grew up with, and so on. But at the same time, the rich man’s child sometimes ends up in poverty. Pastor’s son can be the most notorious child around, while a teacher’s child can be one of the dumbest in class. In a nutshell, your background is not a determining factor for your success, and having a chance is not a ticket into an ideal life. It is simple logic. You still rely on your higher performance habits – HYPHYP (Higher You Perform, Higher You Produce). How do you start performing higher? We’re coming to that.

Why aim higher productivity in life? Funny question, right? Well, some people think that way. They think their current level can last them for the rest of their life having forgotten that life is a race. Life is a race? Yes, I think so. Right from when you were a sperm, you literally competed with thousands of others, which means you, reading this now, simply means you won that first race. Every living human, at every point in time, is continuously in pursuant to one thing or the other – mostly personal success. There are always set-goals everyone wants to reach. You want your business to always flourish. You want to learn new skills. You want to achieve more. Yes, this has been like that for long and will continue to be, as long as the land of the living exists. People will always want more achievements, want to look fitter, record more productivity, more success, more and more good things in life. Now

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