Underrated Sex Movies That Break The Mold

Popularity is defined by that which is loved by the general public; commonly accepted beliefs and ideas and images that society welcomes. But it is the work that breaks out of this generalization, the underrated, that really leaves a mark. Several movies recently have been attempting to reshape this societal mold into something more politically correct such as “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” which attempts to make the “fat” girl the main character and eventually ends up justifying stalking and identity theft. The movie pushes to normalize plus sized actresses but instead normalizes and justifies inappropriate and illegal behavior. But it is the well done movies that really capture what it is the public needs to see.

“The Florida Project” is one of the many movies that should be on your must see. The movie focuses on two little girls growing up in the projects, housing development with relatively low rents that are financially supported by the government, outside of Disneyland. On the surface it’s a simple adventure filled with color to distract from the underlying plot that unravels of neglecting family life and bad parenting. The movie breaks away from all previous rules of filters and color concepts and completely changes the mindset of the viewer. It captures the real meaning behind the quote “not everything is as it seems on the outside”. The movie covers difficult topics in a new cinematographic way and leaves an astounding after effect on the viewer. In an interview with (…), director Sean Baker say, “…”. The actors were skillfully chosen to represent the characters and the message.

Another similar movie is “Girl Lost”. The movie isn’t at all subtle about the various narratives that play out in like “The Florida Project” is. Instead, the tones, soundtrack, and characters all match the story to a tee. The movie follows the world of a young teen and her mom who move from house to house and get caught up in abusive relationships and sex trafficking. The viewers watch as the teen becomes her mother through a chain of events and follows the sad reality that we are our environment. In an interview with Film Courage, Robin Bain, the director, writer, and producer of Girl Lost, talks about what movies mean to her and the importance of Girl Lost.

In an age where the importance of being politically correctness, there is a necessity of movies that stop sugar-coating the harsh realities and it is movies such as these that help highlight these truths.

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