Commercial Sex or Sex Trafficking

Our world is overrun by issues and problems that are overlooked and not being solved. Many people take no notice to the dilema and move on with their life because they believe that it cannot be solved or that their involvement will have no affect. One of the major issues arising and rapidly taking over is human trafficking. In today’s term it would be labeled modern-day slavery, because people are stealing individual’s freedom for forced labor or commercial sex, commonly called sex trafficking. Slavery is thought to be a problem of the past during the time period around the Civil War, however, in society today it is committed quite differently than in the past. “Human traffickers generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by trapping millions of people in horrific situations around the world, including here in the U.S ”(The Facts). This business is the second largest industry behind drug trafficking as the demand is higher. It is estimated that there are 40.3 millions of people trapped in slavery and being trafficked globally. Children make up 25% of that number, while 75% of them are women and girls (The Facts). The statistics are staggering and growing everyday. While many think this only occurs outside our border, the United States houses a fair amount of sex trafficking along with the rest of world. Although it is more common in other countries, statistics still put around 11,000 individuals enslaved in America.

Human trafficking, for most people, is difficult to spot or even recognize when it is happening. In some cases, it may be your next door neighbor or the lady that does your nails at the salon. Pimps or traffickers find their victims through social networks, neighborhoods, schools, clubs or bars, and the internet. They target individuals that appear to vulnerable and desperate. Luring them in through promises of love, protection, safety, and opportunity is the most common ways that people are deceived (What is Sex). However, kidnapping and stealing are also methods used in gaining men and women. Minors are being abducted and pulled right out of their families grip and lives, away from everyone and forced into a life full of sexual exploitation and horror. The popular age targeted is between 11 and 25, but the age desired is getting younger and younger with even toddlers being taken. Once these men gain access to them, to place them in inhumane living conditions and expect them to do as they command. They use fear, intimidation and violence in order for their “slaves” to cooperate and comply with their desires. In sex trafficking, many of the pimps drug the women and girls in order for them to be easier to deal with and not resist. A human trafficking victim estimated that she had been raped around 43,200 times. She would have up to thirty men a day, for seven days, and she was trapped in there for four years (Romo). This is just one of many stories of women trapped in this horrific industry and a very small percentage actually make it out. The life expectancy for a trafficked victim is around seven years and the odds of escaping are one in a hundred. One of the main issues is that people are ignoring the problem because they believe that it is too great with a vast amount of individuals trapped in it that it would be too difficult to change. However, there is a solution and it can be fixed.

The intentions of this proposal is to not only help the victims, but mainly to punish those involved and running the human trafficking industry. Since this is such an atrocious act and many people are continuing to become involved by paying for the services of people’s bodies and still selling other humans for money, the punishment must be severe. To begin, traffickers are to be sold into slavery exactly like they did to so many helpless individuals. The pimps will all be branded to show that they have no rights and belong to someone. Each one will get to feel and understand the horrific situations that they put millions of people in every day for many years. Then they will be auctioned off like cattle and treated like property rather than humans. The highest bidder will take each trafficker he bought and for the first year they are put in the same living conditions as the victims with little to no food and water and locked in a cold, bare room with no blankets or a bed. Victims of human trafficking will be the captors of each of the pimps and able to switch roles. After the first year, each incarcerator is then forced to choose a punishment for their captives. The first option was the be drawn and quartered. Traffickers would have each of their limbs tied to a horse or car and then pulled in four separate directions as their limbs are torn off their body. The second option is being crucified as this was one of the worst punishments in ancient times. The individual would be nailed to a cross in the wrists and ankles, then they would hang there till they died. Last choice would be being burned alive. This one is where they would be placed into a large furnace and burned alive. These options are chosen by the victims that they had destroyed and ruined. Throughout each of these punishments they would have severe mental and psychological issues and they would be left not able to cope with anything because of the internal damage done, to not only their body, but also their mind.

Having a punishment set for human trafficking acts as an incentive for people to stay away and not get involved. It not only helps the individuals involved because the traffickers and pimps are getting punished and paying for their crimes, but also lowers the rate of involvement with buyers and individuals looking to pay for someone’s body. Overall, everyone would be benefiting from this proposal. The purpose for this proposition is for the good of our world and those living in it. It helps our society grow a obtain a greater future with less problems to face and fewer people getting physically and mentally destroyed. No one should have to go through the things that human trafficking victims endure, therefore this solution is the best option for our lives.

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