Causes of Kidnapping and Trafficking

The crime of kidnapping and trafficking of children and women has always been the focus of our criminal law. There is a tendency to develop and spread this crime, which is endanger and cor-rupt the social atmosphere. From the internet, I found from 2012 to June 2013, a city from china -TaiYuan captured 141 criminal suspects against children in violation of the law. Although this figure shows that the public security organs have achieved gratifying results, they should even more arouse our reflection. Why do the abduction and sale of children and women become more and more serious? Why are children and women trafficked? Why is there a buyer’s market? Why would anyone take the risk of kidnapping children and women? It is well known that there are many reasons for trafficking in children and women.

Children is vulnerable groups, which is why they are targeted for trafficking. We know children have a low level of education, strong curiosity, a weak sense of self-protection and are suscepti-ble to temptation, thus it’s easily to control them. For example, my cousin when he was 3 years old, he and his grandma went to a park, but after a while, he left his grandma’s sight and went alone to sliding board. A strange man attached him with candy and toys, because he was young and simple, he didn’t know how danger it is. So he was taken out of the park by that man. Fortu-nately, his grandma found them in time and called the police. But there are still many families that have been torn apart by the loss of their children. According to the Baidu website,“ Traf-ficking in children is a crime that exceeds murder.”

The huge markets and great interests also are the reasons for the abduction of children and wom-en. In terms of regional economic differences, as the gap between the rich and the poor, many women marry out to wealthier places, leading to a serious imbalance in the ratio of men and women. Moreover, it takes tens of thousands of women to marry a local woman, but buy a wife only need several thousand yuan, the huge disparity of economic cost, formed the formation of bigger buyer’s market. And the idea of inheriting from generation to generation is making trou-ble. Some families thought is a bad thing if they have no sons, that’s why find a way to buy boys becomes more and more. From a criminal news interview on the internet, the first price is be-tween 7000 yuan to 15000 yuan.

After taking the child to the other provinces, they will raise his price to about 30000 yuan, then though a variety of intermediaries, each of them will add mon-ey. Thus, the buyer needs to pay 40000-70000 yuan at last, and the price is rising year by year. The cost of the traffickers is only a few hundred for transportation. The criminal bought a house and a car for the proceeds of child abduction before he was arrested. It shows the huge profits made these criminals take risks.

The fact that trafficking in women and children is still rampant, we need to improve our social environment. Children are the future of the society, the pressure of buyers’ fertility, the crimi-nals’ lucky psychology and the victim’s carelessness constitute a tragedy together. Therefore, every family should foster children’s safety awareness and guard awareness in time. Let’s work together to protect this society.

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