Abortion Rates have Increased Tremendously

Think about being kidnapped and being killed for no reason. Being killed for no reason is just like having an abortion your killing a child for no reason. Abortion rates have increased tremendously, and we need to put a stop to abortions now before it’s too late and the population decreases. In states such as Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. So why not add south Carolina to that list. Abortion should be banned because your killing a human being that is innocent and you’re killing them because of a decision you made. A major reason why abortion should be banned is because it leads to many medical problems later in life. For instance, about 250,000 women were hospitalized due to have medical problems/complications due to abortions. Also about 200 women die each year for abortion complications. Would you really want to be one of those people when you have other options that would keep you alive such as adoption or even possibly keeping the child depending on your bank account, and if your mentally ready.

Additionally about 15% of women who get an abortion want to get pregnant in life but they end up having a higher risk of getting a miscarriage (abortion, procon.org). If you know that you want to get pregnant later in life and you end up getting pregnant earlier than expected and you think of having an abortion you should just keep the baby. Abortion comes with to many risk so is it really worth taking the chance? It’s a much better idea to just keep the baby or if your not ready for a baby then put it up for adoption so a family ready for a baby can have one. Another Major reason why abortion should be illegal is because people need to take responsibility for their actions because they know there risk of getting pregnant but they choose to do it anyway. I feel like you shouldn’t kill the child because it’s not the child fault it’s the parents fault so why should the child be punished for it. There is a 81% chance of a woman getting pregnant without protection. 18 percent of people get pregnant with protection.

So why take the risk of getting pregnant. People say that they get abortions because if they have the child they don’t want it or they don’t love it, but that child could be the most important thing of your life but you won’t know until you have it. Additionally about 45% of all women having abortions every year have had at least one previous abortion (abortion procon.org). This means that to many people are making the same mistake 2 twice, so why not just own up to your actions and keep the child. Steven Levitt wrote that after abortion was legalized “Conceptions rose by nearly 30 percent, but births actually fell by 6 percent”(abortion, procon.org). This means that women are using abortion as a method of birth control, by that i mean they are having abortion as if it is nothing and as if it doesn’t come with risk. People who think abortion is an excellent idea might say “Making abortion illegal wont stop it but cause more unsafe abortions”.

Little do they know in places where abortion is illegal about 8 to 11 percent if abortion causes maternal deaths while places where abortion is legal 17.8 percent of abortions cause maternal deaths. So there for making abortion illegal would cause this percent to go down, but I do see where they are coming from. At first i thought that making abortion illegal would cause more unsafe abortions to happen until i did more research. This evidence proves that abortion isn’t a good idea. It comes with way to many risk. If abortion stays legal the percent of cancer, and other illness will rise rapidly. Imagine the wonders a baby may bring to your life. To conclude this paragraph if you get pregnant unexpectedly keep the baby it might just be the best mistake ever.

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