Closing Planned Parenthood Issue

The issue on abortion has been an ongoing dispute between those who are pro-choice and anti-choice. The biggest issues in resolving this matter is who has say in what is legal or illegal. In 1973 the case Roe vs. Wade was decided by Supreme Courts. The Supreme Court ruled that abortions would be legal in the United States but each state has the power to put restrictions and since the court ruled that abortion would be legal many people have fought to have Roe vs. Wade overturned.

In today’s time and with the Trump administration in place, the urge to have abortion banned is a current issue. The Trump administration has been fighting to put restrictions on abortion services and has targeted Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organization that offers services in reproductive health to all sexes and ages and the shutdown of these clinics would have an overwhelming effect on millions of people being cared for by these services. One of the main causes for the shutdown of clinics are TRAP laws, which are, “Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers designed to close them down rather than make them safer for women”, as defined by Planned Parenthood. TRAP laws are mainly enforced by the state government rather than the national government but this is a nationwide issue and decisions based upon it should be equal throughout all states.

In the past the federal government has put certain regulations that apply to all states such as banning abortions after the second-trimester, the issue with this is that on top of this ban states still have the power to implement more restrictions, which makes it unfair for women across different states. States have the power to put restrictions on insurance coverage, TRAP laws, abortion bans and biased counseling. These issues should not be decided by the states but rather the Supreme Court, it is important for the federal government to interfere because it is unfair that women have different accessibilities in the same clinics across the United States. Planned Parenthood should be able to help and offer the same and equal care to all and women should not be denied access to abortions or counseling in one state but allowed access in another.

Another issue that is brought up by anti-abortionist is funding and where it is coming from. Planned Parenthood does receive federal funding and anti-abortionist argue that those funds are being used for abortion services. In reality the “federal funding is from Medicaid reimbursements for preventative care”, as stated by Planned Parenthood. That being said currently some states as well as the Trump administration are fighting to defund Planned Parenthood. This action will ultimately lead Planned Parenthood to shut down clinics across the US and leave millions without care. Therefore, the issue should be resolved by the federal government because the issue affects millions. It is important to not let states regulate something that affects millions of people but rather the federal government to have say over all the states and make it equal. Conflicts regarding abortion should be resolved at the national level to prevent discrepancies between states and also to allow rulings to be fair.

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