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Abortion refers to the intentional removal of the fetus from it mother’s womb before its birth, that is, before the end of the expected period of the pregnancy which is nine months. The intentional abortion is well known as the induced abortion or in other words as induced miscarriage. Certain abortion refers to the case where abortion is inevitable.

Sometimes abortion is unavoidable, like in the case where the pregnancy affects the health of the mother, the case where it is a policy of the governments, social reasons if the pregnancy may be accompanied by poor quality of life like genetic defects.in another case, abortion may be misused like in the case where people are not ready to take responsibilities. I am writing about certain Abortion should be l will strongly support that certain abortion should be legal only if it is necessary and inevitable.

Firstly, certain abortion where the life of the mother is at stake is inevitable, in the case where the pregnancy is the ectopic pregnancy. This kind of a pregnancy may lead to the death of the mother since the embryo attaches itself at the oviduct. This kind of pregnancy is highly discouraged and the immediate action is to get rid of it before it even develops into a fetus. In another case where the life of the mother may be at risk is the case where the pregnancy may threaten the health of the mother, for example, the rise in the blood pressure. I argue that a mother can always give birth to another child but the chance of a child serving in the case where mother scums in the giving birth process are minimal.

Secondly, abortion as a result of selfish reason like the case where the pregnancy was unplanned. Some people may take advantage of the case where abortion was made a legal right. This would go against the human ethics which regard abortion as kill an innocent child who has no say over the case. Such kind of abortion for selfish reasons may result in the death of the mother if not handled properly by following the correct methods of abortion. In addition, if abortion is done repeatedly it may course complication to the mother and at some time lead to her death.

Thirdly, another reason why I support certain abortion is like for the case where the government wants to control the population in the state by developing policies. In this case, abortion is necessary in order to be able to manage the population and the available resources. In order to avoid certain abortion as a result of the government policies, the government should provide basic education or knowledge on the need to us the contraceptive as a way of birth control as well as supplying the contraceptive to the needy.

In conclusion, certain abortion should be should be allowed only in the inevitable circumstances like, the case where the pregnancy affect the health of the mother and might cause her death, the case where the government wants to control the population in the state by developing policies and should ban abortion as a result of selfish reason like the case.

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