Abortion Research Proposal

During my university coursework, my advocacy skill and my ability to think critically were observed by my professors and thereby, they insisted me to attend in the moot court competition, seminars and public speaking activities. Moreover, I am experienced in working with the marginalized people. At that time, I, scrutinizing the contemporary legal and ethical questions in various fields, have experienced that people are deprived of getting proper remedy for intricate legal system.

Moreover, I conducted research on several legal problems in the contemporary court system, which enhanced my prudence on different pragmatic issues relating to human rights, constitutional law and legal ethics. At present, I am working as a legal assistant and researcher, where I am assigned to carry out a number of cases on constitutional law and human rights law. Practically, I feel that the present level of legal skill and knowledge of mine have enabled me to understand and to apply the law effectively.

I am enormously eager to do research work on international human rights law, more specifically on the issue relating to the child abortion, though I am fond of working on any legal issues that can contribute to the world legal policy. From the moment of inscribing the Cyrus Cylinder, the human rights indicate those inalienable and imprescriptible rights, which a person being a human is entitled to enjoy against all over the world. Life is a substance that is sensed in every moment, in every breath, in every footstep in individual’s entity and without the right to life, all human rights are worthless.

Thus, this right is the cardinal of all universal rights of human. From the erstwhile, a horrent controversy is running among the scholars to determine the pragmatic issues relating to the starting point of life from when the preborn children are considered as a human and are entitled to get human rights. The questions, consequently, relating to the legal status of a preborn child fall in the foggy ambience.

Moreover, the situation is discerned as grave complex, when mother’s right to life, right to self-determination and right to choice are jeopardized the preborn child’s right to outlive. Indisputably, it is the state responsibilities to uphold the dignity of the human being by providing prenatal protection from unduly cessation of pregnancy whimsically in the stereotypical situation, even though the state authorities, considering the matter of humanity of the prenatal life, have to refuse the right of exercising control over woman’s own body.

However, there are no international norms, which have directly directed the safety mechanism to protect prenatal life from immoral anti-life acts. For ensuring medical, social and economical interest, some regional authorities, by introducing liberalized women’s reproductive health laws, attempt to minimize this feasible conflict on human rights of the sinless antenatal children and the women and allow the therapeutic abortion in restricted circumstances only for the welfare of the women’s life. Nevertheless, the statutes regarding the abortion cannot display a just and fair approach to set up a guiding stria between the conflict of interest relating to the human rights of the preborn children and the pregnant women.

Scrutinizing the several research works, I discern that there is no strict international intimation regarding to the rights to abort, though the domestic authorities have jurisdiction to regulate the policy for ensuring the right to life both of the women and the children before or after birth. All scholars have tried, analyzing the sustentative factors, to find out the proper balancing method to indemnify the prenatal soul and to guard the mother from arbitrary death.

They mention the circumstances for lawful abortion, such as in the case of therapeutic reasons (e.g. when mother’s mental and physical conditions are at stack for continuing pregnancy, when fetus is affected for fatal disease, when woman is victimized for sexual maltreatment, etc.). Additionally, pre-abortion measurements are also indicated, such as providing medical and other circumstantial data (e.g. information relating to the deducible risk and the benefit), pre-abortion anti-contraceptive counseling services (e.g. giving the information about the social, moral and economical benefits).

Nonetheless, there is no specific answer till now about the proper gestural age from when a prenatal human being are entitled for human rights, the rights of father or other legal guardians over the fetus, the appropriate guideline for imposing antiabortion and the women’s reproductive health laws and the method of implication of the double effect doctrine.

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