Beauty and The Beast Essay

Beauty and the Beast(2017) is one of the greatest fairy tale stories of all time. This live action film, directed by Bill Condon, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens & Luke Evans. It is based on the 1991 Disney animated film. It is a magical story about an unkind and selfish prince is cursed to live as a frightening beast until he learns to love another and earn their love in return. His possibility comes when he kidnaps a clockmaker. To save her father(the clockmaker) Belle offered herself instead of her father. With the help of the Beast’s enchanted servants, Belle starts to see the sensitive side of the Beast. Beauty and the Beast(2017) has an amazing soundtrack, a strong depth of the lead character, and intuitive special effects. Beauty and the Beast is an entertaining film to watch with your family and friends.

Beauty and the Beast(2017) has the original songs from the native story, but with four new songs that are wonderful. Alan Menken created the score for the movie. He is an amazing composer with many awards. The amazing soundtrack was one of the best things about this film. The movie begins with a natural score, where you get an idea of the music to come. The opening is very festive and delightful. The opening prologue called ‘Main Title: Prologue’ is filled with wonderful music. The prologue itself already has so much drama, love and heartbreak making it impossible not to like. The song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend making it even better. Although Emma Watson(plays Belle) is not known for her signing, she is astounding. All the music in the movie is heartfelt and makes you experience the different emotions that the characters are portraying.

The actors are astonishing in the role they are portraying and in bringing all the complex tivities of the characters to life. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have great chemistry on screen, and truly make you believe in their relationship. The character are given a strong depth in their background and who they are. Maurice (Belle’s father) is given a sad past with a dead wife and many of the castle staff are also given a spouse. Emma Watson and the writers truly made a more grounded and modern Belle. She is strong, courageous and very intelligent. They included backstory where we required backstory, gave her more profundity, and influenced her to stand for herself more than she did in the original. Emma Watson didn’t have the ideal performing voice for Belle’s tunes, however she conveyed a complexity to the character that no other individual could have. More about Belle’s past was also injected into the film, and it’s an entire layer of the story that was involved to make the movie great. The basic expansion to Belle’s life reinforced her relationship with her dad and the Beast.

Another reason that made this one of the best movies is that the writers of the film gave a backstory on Belle’s mom, the Beast’s youth, and a tad on Gaston. The connections between the characters were all the more unmistakably fixed and created.

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