Cosmetic Surgery Advertisement

Twenty years ago, cosmetic surgery was treatment to restore the injured face from accidents or burns, but now ‘cosmetic surgery’ is for every woman or man who desire to be younger and prettier. We are exposed to lots of advertisements of cosmetic surgery through media, TV, radio, social network such as twitter, facebook and Instagram and transportation such as subways and buses. We need to look at what benefits consumers can get from these various forms of advertising. Some advertisement looks like that I cannot live without a pretty face and I even feel guilty of ugliness.

The standaards of beauty differ from person to person. We are all born with a different character and we cannot evaluate our appearance by standard of unified beauty. The inherent characteristics of each person should not be the object of discrimination. The most problematic thing is that the standard of beauty is now infused with people changed by many advertisements and entertainers who are seen as mass media.

According to book, mix it up, popular culture is often well liked, as best demonstrated in a market economy through commercial success (Grazian, p8). Lots of Hollywood stars did cosmetic surgery such as Demi Moore, Kelly Rowland, Renee and etc. Famous celebrities, they share their daily life thru social network and lots of young people spend most of time on social media. It affects younger generations to easily think about invasive cosmetic surgery.

I visited South Korea last year and met my high school friends after 18 years. They all think very positively about cosmetic surgery and want to give cosmetic surgery to their kids as a gift when their kids graduate from high school. In South Korea, first impression is very important that affects getting better jobs too. Also, I was surprised that advertisements are displayed everywhere on subway trains, bus, bus stops and bus seats in S. Korea that lead unhealthy obsession with physical image. Advertisement brainwashes the whole nation and to see it as a potential plastic patient and cause unnecessary plastic surgery. Each advertisement tells details how easily cosmetic surgery can be done within three weeks include recovery period that leads young people to do unnecessary cosmetic surgery easily like buying a new cloth. Also, some cosmetic doctors found out that advertisement is quicker to more patients and try to find more stimulating and diverse advertising.

Some might say cosmetic surgery is investing in themselves and it’s a way to love themselves. Also, cosmetic surgery increases their self-esteem but I think our society is immersed in physical appearance too much. Also, various advertisement of cosmetic surgery affects young generation to think about unnecessary invasive surgery easily without thinking of severe side effect of sepsis, necrosis, unconsciousness and death.

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