Superheroes: Spiderman

There are many heroes that are looked up upon for guidance on what is right and wrong. When asked, who is the best, arguments start because of who they think has the best story or powers. Many agree that Spider-Man is the best hero because he is the most relatable. When he is depressed he cheers himself up, he is unique, and he is balanced between what is right and wrong.

For example, Spider-Man’s life can be depressing but he always finds a way to make himself feel better. He loves to make jokes to help relieve stress that builds up when he is fighting. “Considering how dark and serious a lot of superheroes can be, it’s a relief just to have a character throwing puns and wisecracks at his foes between punches… his storylines can get dark, but it’s charming that he’ll still take the opportunity to rib on his enemies about everything from their costumes to their plans.” Most people make jokes when they are pressured because it makes them feel better about themselves. People love his jokes because they would say the same thing in his situation. People also relate to him because he has emotional issues most of us have faced.

“Compared to a lot of superheroes, Spidey’s alter-ego is just as fleshed out as Spidey himself is. We see him struggle with rent, romance, high school, friends and bullies – struggles most can all relate to. There’s also the fact that Spider-Man was one of the first superheroes who, pre-spider bite, was just an ordinary guy – not a mutant, or a soldier, or an alien, or a billionaire… All of this makes him a lot more relateable than a lot of other heroes are. He’s not perfect or infallible, he’s just a good guy doing his best to help people…” He worked four jobs at a time: pizza delivery, journalist photographer, CEO of his company, and Spider-Man. Yet, he still could not pay his rent with that many jobs. He also had people bully him since he was smart, and that is relatable to some people.

He had many romance flings and all of them left or died. Until he met Mary Jane, but she was not interested in him until she suspected him as Spider-Man. When he finally got her, he pushed her away along with Aunt May to protect them from getting hurt.

Additionally, Spider-Man has unique powers that no other hero has and is never overpowered in fights. Spider-Man’s powers are not your typical physic, flight, teleportation, etc. “The danger with superheroes is that there needs to be a balance between making them powerful enough to take on their villains, but not powerful enough that the villains stop being a credible threat… Spider-Man doesn’t have that problem. What he does have is super-strength, wall-crawling, athleticism, and limited precognition, combined with his signature homemade web-slingers… any match-up is always going to be unpredictable.”Spider-Man’s powers uniqueness is just like how each individual person is different in his or her own way. He also never finishes a fight quickly because of how tough and smart his enemies are.

“He has a bunch of different villains… and all of them have interesting and varied powers. Whether they can turn into sand, control electricity, or are just literal vampires, they’re not ridiculously powerful, so they can always fight against Spidey on an even playing field, or even gain the upper hand by virtue of their powers being hard for him to counter. There’s never a case where Spider-Man can just breeze through an encounter… they’re still powerful enough to give him a run for his money.” He can be easily defeated just like a normal human being. People relate to his weaknesses as well, and they are used against him most of the time. He cannot fight anywhere that has nothing for his web to stick. This causes a disadvantage, and his enemies know his and use it well.

Finally, Spider-Man is well balanced between what is right and wrong. He never succumbs to the wrongs side. Spider-Man has been taken over many times, but that has never stopped him. “Spider-Man can make a decent claim of being the most heroic superhero there is, and there’s nothing that can keep him down for long. In Marvel Zombies, he even manages to fight off his hunger for human flesh, even when heroes like Captain America… succumb. Even dying doesn’t keep Spidey down.” He was taken over by Doc Ock, Venom, and Carnage. Not once did he let them change his morals. He is what most people want to become, so they look up to him for guidance. Spider-Man is mostly bright and fun; but when it gets dark, he finds a way to get back to the light.

“A lot of superheroes go in one or two directions. Either they’re too dark and gritty or they rely too much on gimmicks when they want to be lighthearted… Spider-Man always manages to find a happy medium. Sure, the stories get dark, but everything from the colour scheme to the variety of villains he fights means that his comic never loses its sense of fun.” If Spider-Man ever had the choice to kill someone he would never take up that offer. He is loyal to Uncle Ben’s wise words, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just like how people have some way to make sure they do not cross that line. Whether it be the authorities, comic book characters, or family.

Spider-Man is the best hero because people can look up to him and he is relatable. He may have a hard time getting back up, but he will, like the rest of us do when knocked down. No other hero has a rough time fighting villains like Spider-Man. For example, Ironman just shoots everyone with missile and he is done with his mission. While Spider-Man is kicking villains in the face for an hour getting his butt kicked

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