The Essence of Procrastination

The authors of procrastination, Jane and Lenora have said: “Procrastination is not primarily a time management problem or a moral failing but a complex psychological issue. At its core, problem procrastination is a problem with one’s relationship to oneself, reflecting a shaky sense of self-esteem.” Do you have the experience that cramming for tests or paying the rent at the last moment? Provided that your answer is yes, I believe that you might be bothered by procrastination in a way.

Currently, a growing number of individuals are suffering from procrastination. It is evaluated that more than 70 percentage college students have procrastination. In addition, in general population, there are also as high as 25 percentages people being affected by chronic procrastination.

It is universally acknowledged that procrastination brings a series of unfavorable results to us. For one thing, people will suffer internal consequences, ranging from guilty to intense self-condemnation and despair. For another, they will also suffer great loss in social relationships, study and family. All signs indicate that procrastination is a giant hamper in our way to success. So why do we procrastinate? How to stop procrastination?

The pursuit of perfection and the fear of failure. Quite a few people who procrastinate are afraid of being judged by others and found their disadvantages. They are afraid that they put forth their best efforts but still can’t meet others’ requirements. So they procrastinate. In this way, if their results aren’t good enough, they can owe their failure to lack of time and their procrastination instead of their inability.

Distraction. Some people are easy to be distracted to do other things, such as tidy the room and so on. Although they feel that they have done something meaningful and too hectic to complete their plans, as a matter of fact, they are reluctant or afraid to finish their plans, and other affairs that seem meaningful give them the excuse to escape.

Time inconsistency. Generally speaking, objective time doesn’t match with subjective time. This symptom has two causes. Some people think clock is of no great importance for the reason that it is inhumane, so they refuse to accept the objective time and insist on their own subjective time, which gives them an illusion that they can control time, others and even reality. The other people’s subjective time is slower than objective time. When they set up to do something, it seems everything is plain sailing, but they will find that time is not enough gradually.

According to the causes above all, my suggestions on how to solve them are as follows:

In the first place, be confident in yourself and believe that you have the ability to come to the top. What’s more, not be afraid of failure and criticism from others. All of them will help to be better. Secondly, make a daily plan and write down what you have to do today. Only after you have terminated all of them can you do other things. The last but not least, reconcile with time and find out a reasonable time between your subjective time and objective time. It should be elastic and can range from objective time to subjective time, which means it can be accepted by you and others.

Samuel has said:” The folly of allowing ourselves to delay what we know cannot be finally escaped is one of moralists, and the remonstrance of reason, prevail to a greater or less degree in every mind.” I expect what I have mentioned above can help you learn more about procrastination and alleviate your procrastination.

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