Cause and Effect of Cyber Bullying


The world is changing, but even more the platform of the internet. Nowdays, people use social networks with false identitys to write outrageous messages to other people. These actions can leed the most vulnerble people to commit suicide.

Cyberbullying has taken over the head news in the last decade, but most of all has it grown to be the most talking topic/subject in schools and communitys in other countrys. The country who has the most suicide deaths caused by cyberbullying are the USA. The growth has increased to a horrify pace in the past decade, and there is shocking evidence that the growth will continue, especially if the technology using electronic devices continues to expand. Cyberbullying has a huge impact on several of these victims mental health. There are usually underlying causes of these victims that suffers from insecuritys, anxiety and depression. In some cases, they even turn towards selfharming behaviors which envolves to having suicidal thoughts.

What is cyberbullying

The interaction between people has change, with reference how traditional bullying has develop into an issue today known as cyberbullying. Regular bullying and cyberbullying are frequently similiar, cyberbullying allows the violator to make themselves a false identity behind their electronic devices. This anonymity makes it easier for the offender to send outrages messages towards their victim’s without having to see the physical response. The distancing impact that technological devices have on youngsters is what occur them to say and do crueler things compared to what the offenders will do in a regular face-to-face bullying situation.

Cyberbullying often takes place through electronic devices, by using cellphones, computers, tablets and other devices. This sort of bullying can occur in diffirent varations. For instance, through social media, through text messages and also gaming. According to (physcologytoday) they qoute “the deliberate and repeated harm inflicted through the use of cell phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices (including Wi-Fi gaming devices)”. The platform of social media made it possible for other people to take part of shared content that other people were able to inspect and participate in. The online bullying transact the offenders to send, post, or sharing negative and damaging content about someone else. Some of these cases, cyberbullying gets out of hand and makes the offender crossing the line to a criminal behavior.

Although most cyberbullying can be simply spot by children, it can develop to become more dangerous and less apparent. Advanced technology and virtual substances makes it easier to send corrupting recordings, messages, or even pictures to each other. The problem for the society are the bullies who remains anonymous to the distinct that they can hide their true identity by using diffirent screen names because the bullies exist twenty-four hours a day.

What are the causes of cyberbullying

Certain individuals eventilates their frustations through bullying others. Prior to these actions, this could be handled differently if their actions were limitied to face-to-face interactions. In the last years the age-old dispute has matched the haste of technological development, making it furthermore dangerous and difficult to control. The outlet of variations by technology for instance, cellphones, social media sites and chatrooms have permit bullying to increase into cyberspace. This new act of abuse is known as cyberbullying.

The request to survive is instinctual and mutual amongst all living substistance. Survival is affiliated instantly with competition on account of multitude species and limited natural resources on the planet. Forasmuch as the origin there as been an unchanging drive to out-perform others and overcome different obstacles. This survival instinct beside a competitive atmosphere has continued the same pase as the human race has evolved.

Most of the cyberbullies seek the recognition that this type of bulling sees an act of violence as an effective way to gain, because society today reflect more about negative than positive behaviors. These situations creates strong reactions from those who has been subjected by physical and mental abused, and start the bad cycle of violence that can last for a whole eternity.

Why a person choose to become a bully, is because this person has experienced an extremely traumatic situation and to comprehend the trauma, this person reacts to it with aggression and bitternes towards others. Many people incubate bullying inclinations because they understand that they handle a certain power and strive to exercise it. What lag of thinking leeds these people down this path? Is the lack of imagination or combination of aforementioned factors when looking for a way to prove their own worth.

What facilities does the USA goverment use to provent cyberbullying

The laws about speech and harassment at the federal level, individual states continues to seize the defining problem and which legal rights to take when a violation transpire. Unluckily, it took a several cases of high-profile, but also a few suicide cases to entail the issue up for attention of many states, legislatures and courts. One specific case revovled around an incidient in Missouri during year 2006, this case is known as Unites states vs Lori Drew. The incident involved Drew and her daughter creating a false identity on Myspace under the fake name ”Josh”, the defendants used the account with the intention of becoming friends with the victim. Megan Meier the 13-year-old girl who Drew’s daugther attended school with, after successively becoming friends with Meier, Drew and her daughter started sending outrages messages to her. Meier took these comments strongly and harsh and decided to commit suicide.

The district court of Missouri determined that they could not hold Drew accountable because of a lack of laws encompassing the circumstances of the case, the Missouri district court could not hold Drew directly accountable for the death of Meier. However, prosecutors on the federal level took charge by applying the Computer Fraud and Abuse act, in which a universal definition has begun to take place, though currently not recognized across all states individually.

The bigger issue is the continuous progression of technology that creates new means of harassment and bullying, and the failure of laws and policies keeping up with the quick changes. Though these issues are apparent at the federal and state level, they are avoidable for schools and communities at the local level through faster implementation of cyberbullying policies and procedures to lessen the negative effects.


The underlying cause of bullying is the socially unacceptable behavoir caused by social rejections and several underlying drivers. These main factors includes personality behavoirs, psychosocial factors for instance as social rejection, struggles to speak their mind, family issues caused by painful chilhood experiences and poor parenting. Despite all these risk factors, the cause of bullying outbalance the privilage of bullying. However, it is very important to understand the situation about bullying, because it’s a deviance that can be controlled and eliminated by the society.

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