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Gender Bias in The Professional Sports Industry

There is a clear gender bias in professional level sports in the United States. This bias can be perceived in three different and unique ways. One way that this bias can be observed is in the workplace surrounding the professional sports industry. Women that are in jobs that relate to sports are discriminated against in […]

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Gender Bias in Medicine

Medical education has been a developing thing that has resulted in the positive development in the medical field. However, the medical training does not focus on the the teaching of ethics and “psychological biases that contribute to gender and ethnic disparities in health” (Stone). One of these psychological biases being gender bias. Gender bias in […]

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Media Use of Gender Stereotypes and The Influence of Gender Bias

Introduction When it comes to communication, most people often think it is mainly verbal. Similarly, the communication between men and women is viewed as different when considering several levels. One of the difference is that when speaking, men tend to use the ‘militarian’ type of communication where they lecture, unlike women. Women tend to make […]

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Gender Bias and Discrimination of Women

Television has always been is primarily heteronormative. In TV shows, it can be seen that men are most commonly portrayed as the head of the house, while women normally have less power. People who believe in heteronormativity not only believe in the gender binary, but also believe that heterosexuality is the default sexuality. Also, they […]

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Can Gender Bias Be Minimized Within Stem

Programming languages are interictally entwined with Computer Science. Getting the computer to do what a scientist wants would be still extremely difficult if there were not programming languages. Grace Hopper, a female Navy officer, created the first idea of a computer programming language and compiler which is what turns the computer programming language into something […]

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Criticism of “Heart of Darkness” (Essay)

Conrad’s heart of darkness has sparked all types of reactions and opinions from people. For example, Chinua Achebe believes the book is racist and shouldn’t be studied. But there are people, like Edward Said, who argue that who that Conrad wasn’t trying to be racist but was trying to dig deeper on the topics of […]

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Perception and Prejudice Toward Ethnocentrism

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgement” (Wardlaw, “Top 25 Judgement Quotes: A-Z Quotes”). This quote from Will Rogers highlights the fact that that exercising appropriate judgment when communicating with people of diverse cultures can be daunting. Disparities in cultures can lead to disagreements, and consequently, ineffective communication. How many times […]

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Media Bias and the Current Situation of Reporting News and Facts in America

Everyday millions of Americans plop down in front of their TVs to get their daily intake of news and current events of what happened that day. Sadly, most of the news and facts they are getting have been altered somehow by someone at the news corporation or by the reporters themselves. In the numerous news […]

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Examination of Media Bias in Katha Pollitt’s Article “Kissing & Telling”

In the nation Katha Pollitt argues in her article ‘Kissing & Telling’ that the media is against liberals, and or her views. Allan Levite in his article for the National review, ‘Bias Basics,’ Levite argues that the medial is biased against conservatives. Both authors present arguments with deficiencies. They both have motives to be biased. […]

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Criminal Justice and the Media Biases and Misrepresentations

As I walk down the street and spot a police officer, I suddenly try to act as normal as possible and get nervous, fearing the officer will stop me just for being suspicious. Many of my fears of the police stem from their portrayal by the media as strict by the book enforcers and brutal […]

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A Look at the Liberal Media Bias

Is there a liberal media bias, and actually how big could this phenomenon be? You can tune into such programs like, “Rush Limbaugh” and, “The Colbert Report”, shows that clearly show a political bias, but are these biases’ hidden in everyday programs that we the people are un aware of. “Media bias is a perceived […]

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The Instances of Media Bias During the 2000 Elections

Is the Media Bias? Many people including myself believe that it is. On the other hand, there are people who believe that media is not biased and just states facts. These people (i.e. my dad). who believe that media is not biased also believe that everything on TV is true, in my experience. We see […]

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The Close Relationship Between Businesses and the Media Bias

Many people make impulsive decisions, which can lead to excessive spending and debt. Even though education teaches people how to handle money while staying out of debt, sometimes decisions may be made that are not logical, leading to a small amount spent. When this happens multiple times, the debt builds up and accumulates interest, leading […]

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An Analysis of the Biases in the Media in United States

These days there are so many different media sources from a vast array of backgrounds and locations. With such a variety, the media is thought to be bias when reporting on news stories. Is this media bias really happening? To find out, three sources that are neutral, conservative, or liberal, and one story covered by […]

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An Essay on Bias Media in America

Bias Media 1Running head: BIAS MASS MEDIABias of the American Mass MediaRace Issue PaperDrake GlasenEnglish 111Jacqueline CasonMs. Cornell4/05/2006Bias Media 2The Bias of the American Mass MediaRace and gender codes are constructed from cultural histories, beliefs, and most influentially, the media. According to Omi, (1989) people use race and gender to help identify with a person […]

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The Issue of Media Television Bias

CNN is a perfect example of media television bias. Surrounded with huge controversial headlines week in and week out this television channel is a highlight of all types of political bias. Being accused of having huge media liberal bias CNN is still a huge source of political information. For years CNN has highlighted the glorious […]

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A Discussion of Media Bias and Sensationalized Reporting in News Journalism

Media bias is an issue that has been in discussion for a long time (Sloan and Jenn, 12). In most cases, the media presents information in the way they desire it to be perceived and not the way the situation was at the scene. In order to expound on this, the article ‘Advertisers are looking […]

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