The Bad Impact of Using Social Media on Society

The entertainment is important in our lives for having fun, and the delight level can be varied according to the age, season, and the place. Therefore, people should have a balance between real-life responsibilities and how to spend their free time. In the era of speed, technology affects the peoples’ life in several ways, basically is a controversial issue in some ways the technology is useful in the other hand is harmful specially to the folks who don’t know how to use it. consequently, we get new social issues such as cyberbullying, electronic fraud, and addiction.

First, Cyberbullying is harassment that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets, in Russia 2016 there was a game known by “blue whale challenge,” this game is not exist anymore on app store or google play, in this game after the sign up we have serious weird tasks and they must obey to the odd task such as watching horror movie at the midnight or harm-self this task must be done in 50days at the day of 50th final the teenager posted a picture for the blue whale and say strange sentences like “it’s the end,” or “I’m the ghost,” “I’m useless,” then duty have been end with suicide or jump from building (By Will Stewart, Yasmin Jeffery and Mark Hodge)

Secondly, electronic fraud is when someone interact with the victim through a spam call or junk mail which known by fishing mail ,by offer money to attract the person by fake commercial finance loan , prize ,or credits’ offer score , when the hook is attached then the fraudster trick being stat by asking about the social security number , account number after this every thing is set the hack the account and transfer the money to the fraudster. There is another way the consumers get involved electronically swindle by shopping website the swindler posting a fake picture with affordable price to the object they are promote, when the consumer checkout and filled up the fields and tacking the account details. (Malonis, Fraud, Internet.)

Finally, social media has huge impression on the human brain, by the invention of social media, we get modern illnesses like tension of likes by posting a photo and predict a number that this photo going to reach for example 1k ,if the user did not get the prediction number then he/she can behave in unusual and they get depressed and disappointed thus lead them to bagging the followers to put like on the photo . another way of addiction such FOMO which is stands for “Fear of missing out”, (“Psychology.’ Michigan Academician,”) is a phenomenon that was born with the birth of social media, it’s keeps the user keep check the apps for every few minutes, sometimes it cause stressful, panic and tension to the users if there is poor connection therefore these are one of the most common negative effects of social media.

To sum up, the social media had a huge impact on people, it influenced the new generation to create a new way of communication. People started to get more social virtual life to express themselves to share their opinions, but it also creates tension, mental health problems, and other problems. Also, the social media gave a chance for those who want to use it into bad way like cyberbullying, electronic fraud and deceit are around in these days more than any time ago. Social media should be limited and monitor for the safety, healthy, and happy social life.

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