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History of Feminism and Sexism in South Korean

After the end of WWII, documents of the Comfort Women were destroyed by Japanese officials and the women who had been forced into sexual slavery became societal outcasts. In the 1980s, some women began to share their stories. After the Republic of South Korea became a democracy in 1987, women started discussing their issues to […]

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K-Pop or Propaganda 

During the past three years South Korea has been trying to put an end to North Koreas propaganda attacks on South Korean media and culture. This has been done through the utilization of loud-speakers strategically places along the DMZ blaring music and news. The tool they used to shock North Koreans was the famous K-Pop […]

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Minimum Wage Strong Economic

A strong economic environment is essential for a country to sustain its GDP and the countries well-being. This is valuable for South Korea so other countries are interested in doing business with them. South Korea is striving to maintain economic freedom and a low unemployment rate. As of 2018, “South Korea’s economic freedom score is […]

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