How Technology Affected People

Technology, to me, is becoming known as “The Real Nightmare.” Many young teens and adults are affected by this monster in many unbelievable ways. Technology affects people’s lives, health and most importantly the negative impacts it brings.Technology has affected

In today’s society, the interaction we have is through a small rectangular screen. The scary thing is people don’t understand how this type of technology affects them negatively. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc… are all examples of a distraction. These types of social media application cause many of us to get distracted easily. Notifications sound coming from the cell phones have interfered our interaction and social skills we used to have with one another. We can very easily catch up with anyone with a simple little three worded message now. These apps can also hurt us in many ways. For example, texting and driving has hurt so many young teens physically it made the statistics of killed teenagers between the ages of 15- 19 rise up. Since 2013! Yet, many teenagers, including myself, still do it… each and everyday. This is now considered a choice. Either a choice to be safe or to risk it all. From personal experience, many of us teenagers choose to risk it all. About two to three years ago, I made the choice to risk my life. I was headed home from work and needed to make a left turn. During that left turn, it only took me two seconds to read a text message saying, “be careful babe with a red heart emoji.” Within those two seconds a pickup truck slammed into my side of the car ripping off my front bumper. With no one injured, I couldn’t stop crying. Crying at the fact that it was only two seconds. Two seconds that could’ve end my life or the other people involved. The lesson that I learned from that mistake was: the texting and driving law created should be taken seriously by everyone and not just in the youth catagory.

A person’s health is also at risk when it comes to this monster. The LED light that is placed inside of a phone can cause someone’s eyesight to become damaged. The blue light of our screens can reach deep into our eyes and damage the central vision. This can cause Retina Damage. It is a disease that causes fluid in the eye to leak. Retina Damage can affect those who work in offices and who are on a computer all day. Staring into a screen for more than 25 minutes can cause the eyes to strain leading to severe headaches. This is now affecting small children. According to an article, written by the Canadian Pediatric Society, “ high exposure to background TV has been found to negatively affect language use and acquisition, attention, cognitive development and executive function in children younger than 5 years.” This means that the things the toddlers watch on a tv or tablet can damage their frontal lobe messing up their language and attention skills. It also damages their occipital lobe since toddlers place the screen to close to their face. Yet, not many parents don’t know this because their eye doctors fail to inform them with this information. They do not know the risk or even how long this can last before their child is permanently blind for the rest of their lives. This causes the child to hate or blame the adult for not stopping them in their youth to prevent that high percentage rate from occuring. Technology also affects with a person’s health by damaging their memory center. Phones, tablets, laptops, etc allows the user to save the password to the device forever and allow them to continuously access the same website time after time without them having to constantly log in. With this new method, many others got into the habit with saving the passwords to the devices that they don’t realize can one day crash at random losing all their data.

Technology has lead people to depression, anxiety and sometimes suicide. Not only the device itself but the things that are involved with technology. It has caused several people to have divorces, and be away from people they love. It has been a powerful tool that has impacted people in so many negative ways. Passwords. Passwords are a prime example of how technology is a powerful tool. Fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice authentication has changed the way people view others. For example, a couple in a relationship. Usually, both the guy and girl know eachothers passcode to phone…yet some relationships have some secrets to them. This can cause either party to go into depression that can lead to suicide from getting the truth. While depression, anxiety and suicide can come out of a relationship, many find ways to also hurt their community in a different way. In the reading, “Where Anonymity Breeds Concept,” author Julie Zhuo states “trolling, defined as the act of posting inflammatory, derogatory or provocative messages in public forums, is a problem as old as the internet itself…” (par. 3). Meaning that after an accident occurs, people find a way to continue to hurt those already in pain by posting the things that no one else should see. “…Nicole Catsouras, an 18-year-old who died in a car crash in California in 2006. Photographs of her badly disfigured body were posted on the internet, where anonymous trolls set up fake tribute pages and in some cases e-mailed the photos to her parents with the subject line like “Hey Daddy, I’m still Alive” (Zhou par 5). These “trolls” have caused parents all around to go through a more difficult time as they continue to haunt them of that last memory. Losing a child is already a parent’s worst nightmare and decent people help them deal with that grief to help them get back on their feet. Trolls, on the other hand, are those who have a psychological problem from there past that caused them to be the way that they are. They do not realize the many people that they affect and how their trolling can change that persons life forever. “Many victims are turning to legistation…..But the law by itself cannot do enough to disarm the Internet’s trolls” (Zhou 8-9). While the government can only do so much, it has lead the victims to understand that only they can change and make a difference in todays society by taking matters into their own hands and stopping the trollers from trolling.

In conclusion, technology does help us in many ways but people do take advantage of the devices. People have become addicts when using technology whether its usage of the internet or wireless devices. Technology has affected us in many different ways, it has affected us in our personal and social life. The many ways can cause a person and their families to change in a tremendous way and they can not get their old lives back. Whether it is a casualty or even a small incident, technology should be handled in a safe matter to help prevent those around us from going through something that can change them forever.

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