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Globalization and Its Impact

Many observers recognize that globalization is a multidimensional process, taking place concurrently within the domains of the economy, politics, the environment, the institutionalization of technologies, and culture. Therefore, it might appear a comparatively straightforward task to explain globalization as a discrete section of social life. Nevertheless, this relatively simple set of distinctions turns out to […]

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Flag Impact on Globalization

In this essay, I will discuss the importance and meaning of the flags of the world’s superpowers. I will also connect the relevance of their flags in respect to how well the countries have globalized. After this, I will discuss the flags of important organizations and movements and how they relate to globalization. Lastly, I […]

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American History

Early in the 19th century, America was experiencing a rapid economic growth  as a result, the white settlers faced hindrance in their expansion to the south because the area was occupied by Indians. The Americans and the settlers viewed these Indians as a hindrance towards economic progress as a result, the federal government was pressurized to […]

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American Imperialism on The Internet

The Internet acts as a tool of communication, a disseminator of knowledge and a provider of services. It has proliferated almost every segment of society and is arguably the most powerful catalyst in the globalization process. There is a growing concern that the Internet will bring about or increase the presence of a “McWorld”. That […]

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The Role of Blockchains, Big Data, and Government in Today’s Global Economy

Introduction Blockchain involves a chronological collection of blocks, which represents a collection of data and sensitive information. In economics, blockchain represents an autonomous ledger that contains sensitive information. Therefore, sensitive information and data are spread across all individuals in a blockchain network. The data can only be viewed, but its contents are protected and cannot […]

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