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Sociological Imagination Perspective

Sociological imagination perspectiveIn this digital age, everyone around the world needs to virtually think in a new perspective away from our daily lives realities in order to gain brilliant insights and knowledge of what really happens around them globally. My perspective about what the great American sociologist C Wrights Mills coined as the sociological imagination […]

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What Is The Sociological Imagination

Some individuals stay confined in the borders they place around themselves, thinking only of themselves and their current issues. Therefore, they completely disregard what is happening in society. One can assume that these types of individuals do not, or may never have the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination is having an open-mindedness that allows one […]

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A Study on The Sociological Imagination

A commonality all societies face, no matter the location or language, is the fact that the societies face a variety of situations that may feel like they’re affecting us as individuals when in fact it could be a population crisis. In more advanced terms, this phenomenon is described as the vivid awareness of the relationships […]

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My Knowledge of Sociological Topics

The primary purpose of this assignment is to showcase my developing knowledge on sociological topics and more specifically the process of socialization. Let’s begin the assignment by answering the question “Who Am I?”. I often times wonder what it is that makes me who I am. Is it my choice in career? Is it my […]

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Short Response: “Songs Sung and Unsung”

In his General Conference address “Songs Sung and Unsung”, Elder Jeffery R. Holland highlights how mental health struggles can be detrimental to one’s spirituality. We can look at what we can do as collective sons and daughters of God to help those around us who are suffering. We can use the sociological imagination to identify […]

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