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Abuse of Power in Modern Day Society 

Antigone, a play by Sophocles includes many controversial topics. Even though this play was written numerous years ago the controversial topics are still evident in today’s society. One of the controversial topics that is discussed in Antigone that is still evident in today’s society is the abuse of power from leaders. This can be seen […]

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Police: Brutality and Abuse of Power

Have police changed from one decade to the next? Police brutality has only changed in the way the abuse is viewed, but not in the way that it is committed or the motivation behind it. In the Martin Luther King era, there was acceptable police brutality in which African American citizens were blatantly assaulted, mistreated, […]

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Abuse of Official Position

Abuse of official position refers to misconduct performed by a person in their official capacity for personal gains. Such an action can result from disloyalty. It can take many forms such as taking advantage of employees below those in power, gaining access, and using confidential information for personal gains and also manipulation of junior employees […]

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Abuse of Any Kind Has a Tremendous Impact on Victims

Abuse has many definitions, but the one almost everyone’s mind goes directly towards is “cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal”. The dictionary makes abuse seem black and white, nothing but one thing, when in reality there are so many different shades of grey. Abuse is not defined by one common definition. It […]

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Abuse of Power Essay

The willingness in CIA agents, the average working person, students and everyone in between to abuse their power given the situation is a shocking fact to most. Although, most people feel they could never hurt others or abuse their power, time and time again both science and history tell us otherwise. The things people are […]

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Foxcatcher: Power Abuse and Unhealthy Bonds

Abusive relationships are no laughing matter and can be detrimental to one’s physical and mental health, but not often do the conversations about abuse stray far from significant others or family members. One such relationship that gets widely less coverage is that of an athlete and their coaches/management. In the movie “Foxcatcher” we see an […]

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Warning Signs of Abuse

Anybody could be using domestic violence , but not knowing that they are using it . Despite both men and women can be abusive, there are mostly men that are doing the abusing . Those who use violence often refuse to accept control for the abuse and attempt to explain or blame the other person […]

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Police Abuse and Power

There are many people who are aware of the police brutality that is going on. Police brutality is an act of misconduct done by a member of law enforcement. They use an extreme amount of force to physically, mentally, or emotionally attack a member of society. This is a ruthless act that goes on in […]

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Ethical Implications of Workplace Abuse Directed Towards

In this paper the ethical implications of culture abuse in the workplace is explored. Helen and Martin’s (2018) description of these harmful and intentional behaviors that are identified as abuse is discussed. Abuse goes beyond harassment and discrimination because the actions are unyielding and meant to intimidate and are done in a very malicious and […]

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Power Is Abused in Society

Othello by William Shakespeare and Lord of the flies by William Golding are two works of fiction that both effectively demonstrate the impact on the population when power is abused in society. Othello is a respected general in the Venetian army, and his officer Iago is his ambitious comrade. Othello promotes Michael Cassio to the […]

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Psychological Abuse Essay

“It is not the bruise on the body that hurts. It is the wounds of the scars on the mind”, Aisha Mirza, writer and counselor, talked this insightful statement to clarify the groundbreaking harm that mental maltreatment hangs on the human mind. Psychological abuse has numerous structures, including verbal abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, and […]

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Animal Abuse and Its Role

Every day, an animal somewhere around the world is experiencing abuse. Abuse can come in the forms of verbal, physical or emotional abuse. As of 2013, a vast majority of the people in the around the world own or have owned a pet. There are approximately 75 million dogs and 80 million cats held as […]

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“Trail of Tears” – a Deadly Journey

On millions of acres in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida is where over 100,000 Natives American would call home in the early 1830s. Due to white settlers who wanted to harvest cotton where the Natives were settled, the federal government would soon force Native Americans to travel thousands of miles across the Mississippi […]

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When Verbal Abuse Turns Physical

Verbal abuse is one of the most dangerous types of abuse, leaving lasting emotional damage and having the potential of turning into physical violence on victims in unhealthy relationships without the means of leaving or seeking legal help. Rather than discussing a form of abuse with no obvious damage, the media prefers to show physical […]

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Trauma: Childhood Sexual Abuse

Susanne Babbel, a licensed psychotherapist who practices with a trauma specialty, states that sexual abuse leads to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This continues into adulthood. In addition to this, she states that children abused at an early age often become hyper-sexualized and are more likely to abuse substances in the future. Babbel also states that children […]

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Abusive Behavior at Home

Women are more at risk from violence at home than in the street. It is important to shine a spotlight on domestic violence globally and treat it as a major public health issue. Challenging the social norms that the social norms that condone and therefore perpetuate violence against women is a responsibility for us all. […]

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