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Teenage Problems and Stereotypes

I remember sitting in class, feeling my heart beat out of my chest as I confessed to my best friend “Yeah…that’s why you’ve been seeing me lose lots of weight. It was my depression.” She stared down at her paper, I thought she was ignoring me, but soon raised her head and said “Well we’re […]

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Cultural Diversity on College Campuses 

Abstract On a college campus, “diversity” refers to the variation of people and experiences to which students will be exposed to. Although you may think of diversity mainly in the standing of race or ethnicity, there are actually several student characteristics which can contribute to a diverse campus, including religion, cultural background, geographic location, socioeconomic […]

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Struggle for Gender Equality in the Commercial

Always is a brand that has been selling feminine products since 1983. This specific commercial is designed for both men and women and intends to lift women up by tearing down a major stereotype. It was aired during the 2015 Super Bowl to a wide range of viewers. The commercial is based around creating gender […]

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Perception and Prejudice Toward Ethnocentrism

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgement” (Wardlaw, “Top 25 Judgement Quotes: A-Z Quotes”). This quote from Will Rogers highlights the fact that that exercising appropriate judgment when communicating with people of diverse cultures can be daunting. Disparities in cultures can lead to disagreements, and consequently, ineffective communication. How many times […]

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Can Gender Bias be Minimized Within Stem

Programming languages are interictally entwined with Computer Science. Getting the computer to do what a scientist wants would be still extremely difficult if there were not programming languages. Grace Hopper, a female Navy officer, created the first idea of a computer programming language and compiler which is what turns the computer programming language into something […]

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Media Use of Gender Stereotypes and the Influence of Gender Bias

Introduction When it comes to communication, most people often think it is mainly verbal. Similarly, the communication between men and women is viewed as different when considering several levels. One of the difference is that when speaking, men tend to use the ‘militarian’ type of communication where they lecture, unlike women. Women tend to make […]

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Homosexuality: Discrimination and not Accepted by Society

The play Angels in America written by Tony Kushner depicts the harsh reality that homosexual men faced during the 1980s: the peak of the AIDS epidemic. The play follows the journey of two distraught relationships: one which involves a closeted gay Mormon named Joseph and his wife Harper, and the other a gay man named […]

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Overview of Social Conflict in Shawshank Redemption

Social conflict theory is represented best in Shawshank Redemption. Andy as a successful banker and vice president at Portland national bank used his expertise to help out the guard in managing the paperwork to keep the money he got from his dead brother. Only because he was educated and economically well off than the staff […]

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Comparison of Malcolm and Rodriguez

The racial pressure to achieve a desirable “light” complexion and acceptable appearance has compelled many of the dark skin-toned individuals within society to adopt beautification strategies. This comes with an intent to make themselves more attractive to society. Malcolm X, one of the influential characters of the black movement, was once affected by the racial […]

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Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space

Treating everybody as equal is something many people learn at a young age. No matter what the other person looks, seems, or acts like, you always treat them the way you would want to be treated. Its 2019 and this simple idea is something that many people are still not able to grasp. Stereotyping and […]

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Stereotypes in Disney Princess Movies

Imagine young girls looking up to heroines in movies who have a perfect body, perfect face, fantastic singing voice and are always trying to find her true love. These ideal stereotypes have girls all around the world mesmerized by the ideation of trying to be that “perfect” girl they see in Disney Princess movies. These […]

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The Theme of Stereotypes in the Big Bang Theory

There are all sorts of different genres of film and television that depict characters in all sorts of scenarios, some more realistic than others. One show that has a huge fan following and 12 season run, which is coming to the end of its run after the conclusion of this final season, is “The Big […]

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