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The Similarity of Our Society With “The Giver”

You might think our society with “The Giver” is way different, but they are still similar in ways. The story is how a community is totally controlled in order to have a perfect world. This applicable to modern society because people are becoming more and more controlled with less freedom. In the story “The Giver” […]

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Nickname Moses – Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was one of the greatest known African Americans. She was a slave that escaped slavery in 1849. Soon after she escaped she joined the underground railroad and helped many slaves escape slavery also. Background Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 on a slavery plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. Tubman had between eight and […]

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Reviews of The Book About Harriet Tubman

Author Catherine Clinton has an astounding way of giving a brief history of Harriet Tubman, the woman we call Moses in her book called The Road To Freedom. In reviewing the two book reviews written by History Professors John W. Quist and Oscar Cole-Arnal, I will be discussing the similarities about their views regarding this […]

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Essay on Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a big part of history and her, and her story will never be forgotten. Harriet Tubman was a slave when she was young. Tubman was born during 1820-1825, but her exact birth date is unknown. When she was a young girl, she suffered from severe abuse from her owner as well as […]

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History of Feminism and Sexism in South Korean

After the end of WWII, documents of the Comfort Women were destroyed by Japanese officials and the women who had been forced into sexual slavery became societal outcasts. In the 1980s, some women began to share their stories. After the Republic of South Korea became a democracy in 1987, women started discussing their issues to […]

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Sexism Amongst Females and Males

People, quite often, assume that there is no “other side” to the story. That only women are attacked by sexism. But, actually, men are just as affected by it. In fact, 9% of rape victims are men. No, that is not that high, but it is still way too much. Men are included in sexism […]

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About Sexism

Sexism is a phenomenon embedded in our society. According to the 2020 Best Countries report, more than 20,000 global citizens were surveyed in the study about the gender equality. The result showed that the worst country for gender equality is Arab nations following with Qatar and Saudi Arabia (“The Best Countries in the World”, 2020). […]

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The Inevitable Persistence of Sexism in Society 

“Girl power” has been a popular phrase for Americans to describe the success of women, but could the reality be that women are faced with gender inequalities behind make-believe fabrications of the media? In the article “Everyday Sexism In A ‘Post-Feminist’ World”, written by Hayley Krischer, it seems that the media supports the idea of […]

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Essay About Sexism 

Sexism is a term best defined by Webster’s as being prejudice, stereotyping and or discrimination against the opposite gender typically women. To me sexism is pointless and isn’t the reason why women are discriminated against, my thought is that if women think that they are being treated unfairly is because of their ability to do […]

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Feminism’S Wave: ‘Sir Gawain and The Green Knight’ 

The term “feminism” may be described as the advocacy of women’s rights. Throughout history, there has been four different waves of feminism. However, the most influential wave of feminism was the third wave. The third wave contradicts the conservative and modest ideologies of the former waves. “According to third wave feminists, post feminism can be […]

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“Trail of Tears” – History of Indians

Long before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 was a time when North America was the unknown except to the natives who were already living there. He called the natives Indians because he thought he had reached India. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years people were trying to get away from England to […]

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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois Report

While discussing Booker T. Washington and William Edward Burghardt DuBois, it’s important to understand where both men are coming from and a bit of their educational background. Both men were highly influential in the south during the reconstruction era, but they had quite different backgrounds. Booker T. Washington was born into slavery in 1856. Before […]

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Discussion of Ethnocentrism and Other Topics

Una Marson is the most impactful Caribbean feminist. Lisa Tomlinson, a lecturer of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, wrote a three-chapter biography on the life and work of Una Marson. ‘Una Marson’ is one of five written in the Caribbean Biography Series which is a collection of pieces about […]

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Segregation in Usa

Since the creation of the United States of America, the topic of race has been a predominant issue. When you go to the bathroom, a restaurant, or even get a drink from the water fountain, there is not a sign that says “Whites only” or “Colored” on it. If these events still happen today, riots, […]

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The Color Purple: a Feminist Perspective

The various waves of feminism throughout history have proven numerous times the difficulties involved when attempting to gain equal rights. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, demonstrates theses hardships. The feminist lens acts as a tool for thoroughly examining Walker’s portrayal of women. Through the character of Celie, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple portrays the […]

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Colorism and Black Girlhood

In a world of racism between whites and blacks, there is a fixation in our black community surrounding the color of our skin. Colorism is a term that is defined as prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone among people of the same ethnic group. In the 1988 Spike Lee film, School […]

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Racial Segregation As a Cause of Racial Tension Between Ethnic Groups of People

Racial tension refers to the underlying or overt hostilities that exist between two or more ethnic groups. In other words it is just a deep hatred for one or more ethnic groups that is different from your own. Things like racial tension and racial discrimination have always been a serious problem in our world, it […]

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Fannie Lou Hamer Is an Activist Who Fought Racial Segregation All Her Life

African American civil Right Activist Who led the voting drive. Fannie Lou Hamer Was A civil right Activist that fought Racial segregation in the south through nonviolent. Fannie Lou Hamer dedicated her life to the fight for civil rights working for the student nonviolent coordinating committee. Growing up in Mississippi as a black woman was […]

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An Overview of The Civil Rights Movement in America

What were the causes, main events, and effects of the civil rights movement? The civil rights movement was caused by centuries of discrimination against African Americans. The civil rights movement had it’s ups and downs. Even though discrimination is still a thing that occurs in our modern world we still reap the benefits and feel […]

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Hidden Heroes and Their Struggle to The Top

The fabulous forties in America was an era filled with Frank Sinatra, luxury cars, WWII, and lastly, racism. In the 2016 movie Hidden Figures. Three brave women persevere against the white patriarchy of the 1940’s. Fighting to show their intelligence and right to be on the NASA team. This movie is based on a true […]

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