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Slavery in The Usa: ’12 Years a Slave’

Whites have for years have argued that slavery was great for African Americans to be slaves because it civilized them, and they would be content within bondage. This was not the case, at least according to those who were held in bondage. The accounts of slavery are importantly known because of those who were emancipated […]

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Araminta Ross(Known to All As Harriet Tubman)

Araminta Ross, formerly known as Harriet Tubman was a significant African American woman. She freed slaves, worked as a nurse during the civil war, and was a spy. She was born into slavery in 1820, and later then escaped to Pennsylvania. Harriet Tubman was mostly known as an activist in history, who freed slaves and […]

Pages: 2 Words: 516
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Racism in America: How Illegal Immigration Affects Latino Citizens

As many know, racism has played a major role in American history and still does to this day. During these past few years, Donald J. Trump has spent a mass amount of time targeting the southern border and Mexico before announcing his presidency in June 2015, and because of that, many have accused him of […]

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