Working Technology 

The working technology is now important for our life. That where we learn new things every day. Today I am going to talk to you about my opinion on working technology. There are so many different types of companies use technology for people because they can work with the computer or save money, time and we go anywhere with our technology because we can’t survive without technology. Sometimes I forget important paper but I will never forget to take my phones because I can use my phone and print that paper. When I go to college I waiting at the bus stop and then I realized that when I left my phone at home, but the bus was coming in 4 minutes. Would I go back to get my phone or get on the bus? I have to go back and take my phone it is very important because sometimes I have to use in class to collect information or research. Although I think that modern technology is benefits for people because technology makes our life easy.

Technology work now everywhere and every place. Many companies are making robots for people that they can take help and they have replaced people jobs. This does help the company, but then they don’t need employees. People have a hard time to get their work done on time because they are surrounded by their devices. People make different types of smartphones for people because people keep eyes on them, and then they buy a new phone. I think that it is

good but you already have a phone, so why you want to buy new phone. Sometimes people show off that I buy a new phone. Because of it, they loss the focus on work. The number of people spends time on their devices can be spent with other people to get to know them better. Take information from them and it could help in the future. I want to learn how they use technology with business and management. I take one class that I learned that there are some companies in top technology companies. Most of the technology won’t tell you if there is a fault in your work, but a human can recognize the fault in a matter of seconds. Imagine, employee work in a big company and handed a project to complete the next day. Your phone distracts you from finishing the project, but then you have a couple of hours to finish the work. The project would be finished but it would have some critical errors because I think that all these ideas are from a meeting room are coming out from the human brain, not from a robot. In my opinion, so that not only humans do mistakes also robot do mistakes because it made by humans and no one is perfect.

Although, I told you technology is also good for people but there are also some bad sides of technology. The bad for people because it hasn’t only affected the work environment but also the relationship with family and friends. I have seen many people sitting at the table in a restaurant on their phones instead of talking. Children’s are growing up with more knowledge of technology. Imagine when you come home from work and don’t even get greet from your children because they are more focused on video games or TV. Teenage spends more time on social media indicates that they feel less supported from their parents. When technology wasn’t that advanced for children had to call from the home phone to contact their friends. Parents were more aware of what their children doing, but now children can contact their friends through

Facebook, emails, or messages. Nowadays students think that they don’t need to attend class because they are able to get the answers online. If that is right, then why do we still have school? Schools are meant for teaching students the right way without overwork them with stress. In my country, in school that you can’t be allowed with your phone because you only have to focused on the study. Because of changes in technology, we are always surrounded by technology and we can’t live without them.

Technology has advanced so much that we don’t even realize how we depend on it. Every month companies come up with new phones or tablets, laptops, and desktops. These new devices are better but it also expensive to buy. People just buy them without even thinking that about how much it would cost and hurt their financial needs. I believe that people should try to communicate with other people instead of the devices because you’re not realizing that technology is taking over your brain and your body. If this keeps on going then one day you might be replaced with a robot. Technology has changed this world in a better way. Technology has advanced but in a bad way like tanks, weapons, and mines. We have seen a lot of automobile crashes nowadays that involved death. On tv every couple of months I hear about someone deaths of which are humans caused by weapons and how it has scared the lives of human. I think technology shouldn’t be used to create war but to create peace for the world.

To conclude, technology can’t always help us to solve problems the way a human being can. Yes, we do need technology to communicate with our family and friends but it’s not necessary to always depend on technology to fulfill your needs. Parents need to decrease the use time of tv for children if they want them to be more open-minded and get engage with other family members or friends. If not then robots would take over humans jobs, then what would a human do? They would end up homeless with no money to provide for their family.

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