Essay About Sexism 

Sexism is a term best defined by Webster’s as being prejudice, stereotyping and or discrimination against the opposite gender typically women. To me sexism is pointless and isn’t the reason why women are discriminated against, my thought is that if women think that they are being treated unfairly is because of their ability to do certain objectives. Obviously, men are considered to be workers and are expected to be the leader and the top money makers of their family, women are expected to have the capabilities of nurturing and caring so this thought of women being discriminated against makes no sense. In 2017 the Institute For Women’s Policy Research Conducted a study was on the median weekly earnings and gender earnings ratio for full time workers, the study showed that men made $220 more than women. Nowadays women have the same jobs as men whether its construction or an office worker there’s a wage gap, this is where my opinion changes slightly.

Moving into a different subject most say sexism is caused by feminism, also other causes come from the the workplace. To me sexism is portrayed on both sides’ women and men, often women aren’t welcomed into certain environments as well as men. We can solve this problem by making equal opportunities for both genders, we should also set expectations for men and women who feel that they are being discriminated against. I personally believe that discrimination of sex isn’t an issue under certain circumstances, for example when a man is chosen over a female for a job in most cases the reason isn’t because of sex, it could be because of the ability to work, the effort or even because of comfortability. To put this into a better perspective, due to the sexual abuse controversies in the workplace, companies nowadays prefer to hire one gender or the other. This of course leads to the thought of sexism and gender discrimination. Others say protesting for equal pay, stopping “rape culture” and making girls and boys feel safe to speak on their non-consensual sexual encounters. To me “rape culture” and sexism are two different things and shouldn’t be compared, as “it’s one thing to tell a sexist joke, quite another to run your hand up a colleagues skirt, and worse” said by The Guardians Fionola Meredith.

Whilst I’ve never had sexist encounters and my opinion on sexism is very wrangling, it is still a big problem and we should stop it from happening. A solution to possibly fix sexism is by offering equal opportunities for everyone, but we should also set expectations for those of that opposite sex. I also believe sexism can be resolved by both genders respecting boundaries between each other, another way is by asserting ourselves into the opposite gender positions, just so we can realize what’s the best fit.

Sexism affected the church heavily. People of faith may even experience this as well. It is also to note that the people of faith aren’t welcomed to sexism and other practices. Also People Of the church sees everyone as created in the likeness of God wheatear male or female we are pure of spirit.    

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