Nickname Moses – Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was one of the greatest known African Americans. She was a slave that escaped slavery in 1849. Soon after she escaped she joined the underground railroad and helped many slaves escape slavery also.


Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 on a slavery plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. Tubman had between eight and eleven siblings all together. When Harriet was five years old she got rented out as a nursemaid and then when she was seven years old she got rented out to a plantation. Harriet Tubman soon escaped from her plantation and soon became a major part in women’s suffrage movement. During the civil war Tubman became a spy for the union army and was even one of the first women to lead U.S soldiers into combat. She also acted as a nurse. Many people ended up calling Harriet Tubman moses because she led many states to freedom just like mose who attempted to lead the jews to the promised land. She lead 300 or more slaves to freedom, and she even got hit with a brick to stop someone else from getting hit with it. For the rest of her life she suffered with an injury that caused seizures, headaches, powerful visions,and dream experiences. Harriet Tubman was married twice until she found the love of her life Nelson Davis in 1874. Nelson Davis was a civil war vet and they ended up adopting a little girl who they named Gertie Davis. Harriet tubman soon became known as moses. Everyone called her moses she got this nickname by William Lloyd Garrison. William gave her the nickname moses because she led many slaves into freedom just like mose who attempted to lead the jews into the promise land. She got names after him because she was trying to free slaves so they could live in the free land and could finally be free. Harriet soon had a bounty on her head because all the people down south wanted her and the reward was 40,000 dollars. Which is good for wanting a slave back.


The politics in the South and the north was completely different from each other back then. Like the north wanted to abolish slavery where the south wanted to keep slavery. The Civil War started because of this disagreement between the north and the south. A lot of the slaveholders said that they needed the slaves because then they wouldn’t have anyone to work on the fields. The north knew that was true but the slaveholders were cruel to the slaves and it needed to be stopped. After a little while missouri asked to be admitted to the union as a slave state, because of this after months of discussion the congress passed the missouri compromise this regulated the extension of slavery in the united states for three decades that way it was even with slave states and free states. Working on abolishing slavery is when Harriet tubman was wanted because she leading many slaves into the free land and all the slaveholders were angry because she also escaped. slavery was a big thing back in the 1800s when Harriet Tubman was born, and Harriet waned to change it so she did and while she was trying to help others escape they passed the fugitive slave act which was that any slave holder could go get their slaves back. So many slaveholders did but Harriet Tubman kept going.

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