Sexism Amongst Females and Males

People, quite often, assume that there is no “other side” to the story. That only women are attacked by sexism. But, actually, men are just as affected by it. In fact, 9% of rape victims are men. No, that is not that high, but it is still way too much. Men are included in sexism and rape/sexual harassment as well. In the workplace, in a home, in sports, or even at a schooling environment.

There are two seperate words for the hatred of men and women. Misandry and Misogyny. Most people are only aware of the term ‘misogyny.’ Some examples, that can be noticed in public, are.. “Be a man”, “Men can’t hear the word no”, and “A man wouldn’t understand.” And.. “She asked for it”, “Get back in the kitchen”, and “I’m impressed she could do that.” These two terms need to be noticed more often everywhere.

In this world, nowadays, it’s all about women. Women this and women that. However, this is good thing compared to how we were treated back then, nobody acknowledges that men go through the same stuff. Most of the time, women are the ones who “poke the bear”, as one might say. On certain websites, you can search about male sexism. In fact, there is actually a website called “All Men are Trash.” There are some counterpoints in this website from different men. “The level of cruelty it requires for a person to express that kinda hatred isn’t a built-in part of the male experience.” In court, for child custody, the mom always gets full custody, unless proven a unfit mother. So… In all actuality, women do try to make every situation about themselves.

Now for a little switch, an author named David Benatar, wrote a book called “The Second Sexism,” which actually explains and tells all the readers the “wrongful discrimination against men.” It explains that there is always a man that is being sexual harassed or being bashed on by someone but is always behind the shadow of all the women going through the same thing. But when men do speak up usually they are seen as more legitimate and credible because it doesn’t happen too often.

Now, to a more serious topic, sexism in a workplace. Often, you don’t see too much of it if you are not focusing. But, unfortunately, people get sexual harassed or are victims of sexism all the time. And yes, this goes for both genders. Females, mostly, will just be ignored and not get challenging assignments working with men. But men, if they experience any sexual issues, they are just expected to relocate themselves. Also expected to, work longer hours and to keep a smaller cuts. In the website, PychologyToday, they point out a hard fact on sexual harassment in a working place. “About ⅓ of a all working men reported at least one form of sexual harassment in the previous year.” In a workplace, men are probably less likely to label something as “sexist” especially if it’s subtle or superficially benevolent. I think that this could all be worked out by keep men and women working together. Which creates less prejudicial thinking and discrimination. Also, we should ignore people’s words. Like Vice Presidents’, Mike Pence, “Gender segregation in a workplace.” To add to this, there are many subtle ingrained stereotypes. Just saying so much as men are more aggressive and assertive and women have tendencies of being more passive and communal. Little things could be said and it could be harmful not even thinking about it.

In little kids, it’s usually not seen to often. Sexism anyways, sexual harassment is more likely to happen when you are young, vulnerable, and naive. Easy to manipulate. The saying ‘boys will be boys’ is pretty much giving them an excuse to act the way they do. Expecting the daughters to have more self-control and politeness that the sons. At a younger age, boys will commonly be shown less compassion that girls. So they will be taught that as a boy it isn’t okay to cry, or you can’t do a sport like that because it’s for girls. That is never okay to fill a child’s head with those thoughts, because what they are told growing up, is what they’ll think as an adult.

In schooling environments, sexism and sexual harassment is everywhere. Especially throughout high school and college. “20-25% of women and 15% of men are victims of forced sex during college.” Sometimes, even male-on-male violence is considered a ‘sport.’ So if guys are being rough with each other, pushing one another around. It’s funny. Even if it’s not.

The #MeToo movement, yeah it’s good and all. But it also, kind of isn’t. It tells in the intro paragraph to the website that “ALL” lives involved in sexual harassment and rape should be noticed and spoke upon but then only shows and tells the females that have been caught up in either one of those crimes.

Rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence. All things you can spend time in jail or even prison for. Both male AND female have seen one of these subjects before personally. “One in five women and one in seventy-one men will be raped at some point,” (NSVRC). This shows that yes, more women than men are raped throughout a lifetime. But no, that doesn’t make it less important. 91% of victims are women which leaves 9% to men. These numbers for the men would probably increase to a higher percentage, but most likely if there is a man who is raped, he will not speak up like a woman would. There was 809 sexual harassment charges in the year of 2011. Of that, 273 were filed by men, 16.1%. This moved up to 17.6% by the year of 2013. This just shows that eventually some point a man will step up and say something.

There is always another side.

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