Essay on Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a big part of history and her, and her story will never be forgotten. Harriet Tubman was a slave when she was young. Tubman was born during 1820-1825, but her exact birth date is unknown. When she was a young girl, she suffered from severe abuse from her owner as well as other slaves did too. One day she witnesses a slave about to get punished but she stepped in and got a weight thrown at her and left her with a big scar, severe headaches, and a hard time staying awake while working. She was very religious and she had dreams and believed they were from God. She has eight siblings and their names are Linah (1808) Ben (1823) Mariah (1823) Rachel (1825) Henry (1830) Moses (1832). Based on the knowledge that I found Harriet is close in age to Ben or Rachel.

After a long time of the abuse, she finally had enough Harriet successfully escaped. After she escaped she wanted to get a new name so she picked her mother’s name, Harriet. Tubman wanted to help the other slaves so she joined the Underground Railroad where she began her countless journeys to help other slaves get to freedom (Harriet Tubman Historical Society). She was the most famous in the Underground Railroad She never lost a slave. She was very good at her job and lead more than 75 slaves to freedom. She was very good at hiding her self and the other slaves from the people who were looking for them. While there were people for slavery and people against it the people who were called abolitionists and they were against it. The abolitionist couples would let the slave into the basement of their house to hide and or rest. Harriet would disguise herself as many things like she would dress up as a man reading a newspaper even though she was illiterate. Other times she would be outside of the people’s house and pretend to be a slave and she would walk around with the chickens. Tubman also hid as a house servant when she hid at the houses of the abolitionist couples. Slaves figured out a way to communicate with each other without exposing where they are hey used codes to leave hints to the other people who were working in the Underground Railroad guiding slaves to freedom to maybe let them know if there are people searching for them nearby or if the path they were taking was blocked by a tree or something else. In the Civil War, she was a nurse in and would help wounded soldiers; she was a cook; a spy. When her headaches and her sleeping problem became worse she decided to have brain surgery she did not want the anesthesia she wanted to bite on a bullet as the wounded men did in the Civil War.

She was a big part of history because she helped countless slaves and countless families to become free. Something people may not know she raised money for African Americans to have a school. She got married a black man named John Tubman when she was still a slave but when she escaped and left for a long time when she came back he was remarried to another woman. In 18699 she met a civil war veteran in her boarding home and his named was Nelson Davis and later they got married. Sometime after that, they adopted a little girl named Gertie.

Tubman lived a long and memorial life helping many people. Tubman died of nomionua and her death was very sad because she lived a very intresting life and she is going to be well known for what she did for her and other slaves.

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