The Similarity of our Society with “the Giver”

You might think our society with “The Giver” is way different, but they are still similar in ways. The story is how a community is totally controlled in order to have a perfect world. This applicable to modern society because people are becoming more and more controlled with less freedom. In the story “The Giver” compare modern day society by family structure, feeling, and levels of government control.

In the book “The Giver” families are different than modern day families. Everyone automatically get one boy and one girl. Families are designed and planned out. ““Lily,”Mother reminded her, smiling “you know the rules one male and one female to each family unit it was written very clearly in the rules””pg. 8. I think they should be able to choose what they want. Their not blood related. Their families are put together how they each are. When Jonas got his little sister , Lily, he remembered his mom taking her giving her a name after she was picked for them. They should have their own kids . When parents actually have their own kids they have a mutual connection.

In the book “The Giver” government control is a different level than our modern day society. In our society it has different type of governments like democracy, communism, and a republic government. In the book they only have one type of government. “ Anytime there is a change because there’s a rule for everything even ones like how old you have to be to ride a bike”. Their government is more at of a communism because you have to always pay attention to what they say. Just like modern government it falls when the people revolt. Soviet Union fell when people revolted against Stalin. Like Civil War revolted and they became a new stronger government.

Modern Society is more about about feelings. Givers society doesn’t feel anything. Modern Society is mainly about feelings these days. Leaders these days can do what they if they feel like it. WW2 because Germany would do anything to become strong and feel powerful again. Giver people can’t have feelings because of an injection so they can’t feel anything and revolt. “Just like Music there’s something else you can’t see with your eyes, something that lives deep inside. Something the morning injections take away. They are smart for doing it , but people need to be different.

In the Story The Giver modern day society by families, feelings and level of government control. We are similar, but we are more different from their society. Communist Countries could be like that anyone could be controlling

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