Gun Control is Cool

Issue: The big issue is fought between the gun rights and gun control in the U.S. The supporters of gun rights say that gun control is an individual’s right to have possession of a weapon whilst the gun control supporters believe that an individual needs to go through special inspection before handling a gun. The Supreme court withdrew from these problems which continued for a long period because of all the cases they had to work through first. Many horrific shootings occurred before this, which caused there to be many problems with gun control (Ford).

Triggering event: The triggering event that led to part of the gun control issue was a mass shooting that arose on November 7th, 2018, which took place in a bar at Thousand Oaks, California. 12 people were shot and killed. This created a lot of chaos all through California (Miller). Gun control is continuing to become a huge issue and there needs to be a solution.

Thesis: The way they are commanding gun control has gone into complete disarray. Over and over again there seems to be an endless cycle of shootings. It starts when something gets introduced to the Congress, an argument goes back and forth for quite some time, and then it all ends up with no improvement. These tragedies seem to be happening almost everyday now and the government is carelessly ignoring them (Watson).

Body: Weapon use is a major issue in the U.S. Countless individuals don’t reinforce gun control laws since they are not sufficiently strict to confirm, which triggers the conversation. Every year, gun violence continues to increase, which creates a major concern of safety for people and the nation. People can simply purchase or deliver weapons without any background check, except in some states, including California.

Research shows, as of 2009, the U.S. had a large population of 307 million, and there was 300 million weapons of owned by civilians. The rate of people who own a gun is to when compared to the total population is elevated and the rate of violent cases relating to weapons is also high. By limiting these people from gun usage, the government needs to improve the laws, which is lacking right now, and mostly involving more essential up to date needs for purchasing and transferring guns, limiting the ages for using guns, the people who want to own a gun are required to pass important classes and get a certificate. Despite the fact that weapons are utilized for ordinary, extreme situations, they are also used for specific situations that are not sufficient for our security or the safety of others.

Gun violence keeps on ascending in spots where handguns are unlawful. One of serious issues is the amount of how much it affects the children of our country. Kids that live in the most urban U.S. districts are as likely to die from a gunshot as those living in the most urban provinces. Rural children kick the bucket of more firearm suicides and unexpected shooting deaths. This reality is exceptionally disturbing as children should not associate with guns as they are perilous to them. Overall, guns can cause a number of deaths, yet it indicates where they are legal there is less violent crimes. The lives that were lost that occasionally included the use of guns has reached the authorities to act on specific regulations that are regularly known as gun control laws. The key issue in the weapon discussion of today is if guns should be for the exclusive use of the military and law enforcement workforce or not.

Conclusion: Gun control is highly important today because to reduce crime deaths of the innocent victims, there needs to be something done. It can start when the government takes control in this issue more thoroughly. Hundreds of victims die and no change happens, and more people die. There needs to be a strong enough solution for this issue. It is so difficult nowadays for any individual to be safe. The government is not taking enough charge of this chaos, and it’s causing innocents to die almost every year. This reveals how unsecured our gun control truly is. That’s why there needs to be modification.

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