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Christopher Columbus Is Considered One of The Most Important Men in History As an Explorer

Christopher Columbus is considered one of the most important men in history as an explorer. We are familiar with his discoveries, such as the voyage of the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, the Columbian Exchange, and the discovery of North America. Along with these discoveries the social, economic, and political advantages gained from his voyages far […]

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Christopher Columbus Was an Italian Explorer and Was Born in Genoaf

Christopher Columbus was an Italian Explorer and was born in Genoa, Italy on October 31, 1451. He made four voyages to the Caribbean and toward South America between 1942 and 1504. He received credit for opening the European colonization and the American colonization. Unfortunately, he was blamed for that at the same time. He also […]

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Christopher Columbus Was an Italian Born Spanish Explorer

Christopher Columbus was an Italian born Spanish explorer who was credited for discovering the Americas. He spent the rest of his life making voyages back and forth between the Americas and Europe. Attempts to gain support from multiple governments was difficult. Christopher spent nearly a decade pleading with monarchs before gaining support from Spain. The […]

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Christopher Columbus Was Born in Genoa

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451- May 20 1506. Christopher was also a explorer, a navigator, and a owner of three ships. His journey was that he was trying to find a new route to Asia. (That in his lifetime he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean) There are many different […]

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Christopher Columbus Changed The World During The Early Modern Period in Many Different Ways

Christopher Columbus changed the world during the early modern period in many different ways. By colonizing the Americas created new trade commodities and new routes to travel by sea. Even though Christopher columbus colonized the Americas he did not discover them. There were natives living on the Americas before Columbus stepped foot on them. This […]

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Students All Over The World Have Heard About or Learned About Christopher Columbus

Students all over the world have heard about or learned about Christopher Columbus. All of the students know him for finding the “New World.” Not many people have really taken a deeper look into Columbus’ life. Christopher Columbus is actually very interesting when you get to know him. Christopher Columbus’ voyages made a big impact […]

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Americans Have Lifted Christopher Columbus to Heights of Greatness and God-Like

For more than five centuries Americans have lifted Christopher Columbus to heights of greatness and god-like. We celebrate his life as though he was a man that had done us a great favor. In recent years Christopher Columbus has come under scrutiny, his life and works being questioned more than celebrated. There have been many […]

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Many People Believe That Christopher Columbus Discovered North America

Christopher Columbus Many people believe that Christopher Columbus discovered North America. That is wrong. A lot of stuff people think about Christopher Columbus is actually not true. The ship, La Nińa, was actually not called the La Nińa. What about his name? His name was not Christopher Columbus! What else is there about him? Childhood […]

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The Author Is Trying to Tell You Who Christopher Columbus Is and What He Did

The author is trying to tell you who Christopher Columbus is and what he did. Here`s a little about his background, Voyage in the Atlantic, Rout, Ships, and more facts. Christopher Columbus (c. 1451 to May 20, 1506) was an Italian adventurer and guide. In 1492, he cruised over the Atlantic from Spain in the […]

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We all have different versions of how we remember learning about Christopher Columbus. In my second grade class with Mrs. Mocke I learned that Columbus was a brave hero who discovered America; however, when my younger sister was in same grade with the same teacher she was taught that Columbus was definitely a great explorer, […]

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Should We Celebrate Zheng He?

If you traveled around the world over 4 times within 28 years wouldn’t you like to be remembered as “The great explorer”? When Zheng he was a a child he witnessed his father being killed right in front of him forcing him to go into the Ming dynasty basically taken prisoner. Soon enough he rose […]

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