Christopher Columbus was Born in Genoa

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451- May 20 1506. Christopher was also a explorer, a navigator, and a owner of three ships. His journey was that he was trying to find a new route to Asia. (That in his lifetime he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean) There are many different things about Christopher Columbus like his voyages he had, how many ships he had and what they were called, and the life of before and after his voyages.

Christopher’s Voyages

Christopher Columbus had many voyages during his lifetime and all of them he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean every time. The dates were 1492, 1493, 1498, and 1502. All those times he was trying to find a different route from West Europe all the way to Asia. Every time he tried, he didn’t get close. But finally, in 1492 Christopher Columbus made it to the Americas and after that all his other voyages he went back to the Americas every time.

Christopher’s Three Ships

Christopher had three ships during his lifetime of sailing and voyages across the world. Those three ships names were the Santa Maria, The Nina, and The Pinta. The ship Christopher rode on was the Santa Maria. The first ship that sunk was the Santa Maria because it hit the reefs off of Haitian Coast around Christmas of 1492. But still today people are questioning themselves “what happened to the Nina and the Pinta after the Christopher Columbus voyages?”

Christopher’s Life

Christopher had a very interesting life other than his, voyages. He was the son of a wool merchant born in Genoa, Italy 1451. His first job was when he was a teenager for a job merchant on a ship. When he was on his ship, he got attacked in 1470 by French privateers. Christopher died of a congestive heart failure on May 20, 1506.

In conclusion, Christopher Columbus had a very hard and interesting life during 1451-1506. During his voyages he was attacked and he lost the Santa Maria during the new route to Asia. When Christopher got his ships they all meant something so that’s why he named the three ships the Santa Maria, The Nina, and The Pinta. Throughout his lifetime Christopher’s first job was a job merchant on a ship and that’s how he started sailing but after his voyages he died to a congestive heart failure. During his lifetime, he did lots of voyages, and he got three ships just to find a new route to Asia and that he started sailing when his first job was a job merchant on a ship and died to a congestive heart failure.

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