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In Dante’S Vita Nuova, Who Is The Teacher and Who Is The Student?

Dante’s Vita Nuova represents what could be termed as a text of High Middle Ages. The poem explores literary construction the myth of the contemporary love in the European world. In a late eleventh century, approximately two hundred before Vita Nuova was written, European culture began to experience some re-evaluation of the representation of woman […]

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Edgar Allen Poe (“The Tell Tale Heart”)

Poe was an influential 19th century writer. During this century, Romanticism was the artistic period. Gothicism and Science Fiction grew out of the Romantic Era, which was Poe’s style of writing. “His influential theory of “unity of effect” states that the author of a short story should construct a tale to fit one overall purpose […]

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Humanism in The Poem

‘I wandered as a lonely cloud’ also known as ‘Daffodils’ is a lyric poem by William Wordsworth. Romanticism and Liberal Humanism – Tenet 1 are the theoretical frameworks which is chosen to apply for the text. Romanticism was ‘an artistic, literary and intellectual movement which originated at Europe towards the end of Eighteenth Century’ . […]

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