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Why it’s Important to Know History

Reading about historical methods, one finds that history is a vast and unique topic which is hard to define once we start studying it. When we think about history, it takes us into our past, into previous centuries and millennia. Not only are historians are concerned about the past, but philosophers and artists also deal […]

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Great Depression as Hard Times

For as long as there has been music, it has been, in some way or another, a reflection of life. For some, it helps explore the complex emotions that come with historical events. In other cases, it is a commentary on the current political or social climate. Since creatives are often told, “write what you […]

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The Great Depression and Economic Decline

The United States has faced quite a few depressions every 20 or so years. At the end of the 1920’s the United States had a thriving economy until the Great Depression hit in 1929. The Great Depression was the most severe and longest ever experienced by the industrialized western world. This depression occurred between 1929 […]

The Great Depression was an Oppressive Era

Poverty, hopelessness, unhappiness, misserey, these were just some of the terrible characteristics of The Great Depression. The 1930s entertainment played a huge role in helping Americans make it through The Great Depression. It changed the lives of Americans for the better and gave them some sense of happiness. America faced some of the darkest times […]

The Great Depression: the Rise of Crimes and Discrimination

“The Great Depression starting in 1929, was a horrific event of crimes, loss, and total downgrading of the country.” (“Crime 1920-1940”). This period named The Great Depression was a blend of the Stock Market crash, a storm called the Dust Bowl, and the crime/discrimination that followed. Once the Dust Bowl hit and the stock market […]

The Turmoil of the Great Depression

Escapism is defined as a “diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine” (Escapism). This coping method is used many times throughout history. One significant moment in history where this technique is prominent is during the 1930s. America was faced with The Great Depression, one of […]

A Portion of the Hardships of the Great Depression

The glass Menageries is a modern play that written by Tennessee Williams .this play is called by another name which is “ Memory play “ because Williams uses a special technique that the play about a character’s memory. Right now ‘Williams gets from the mechanism of film.. Especially from silent film, to present the interrupted […]

The Great Depression and Economy in Crisis

The 20th century was one of the darkest times in history so far; many important events happened during the time like wars, flu pandemic, The Great Depression, technology advancements, and so much more. In the 1900s, science and technology have advanced to a new level and many discoveries were made. World War I started around […]

The Great Depression was a Huge Deal

During the Great Depression was a huge deal. Although crime rates during his time decreased, the types of crimes became more extreme. It expressed itself in stump fishing, theft, and bootlegging. Adults would fish illegally to provide as much food as they could for their children, and children would steal food from their local farmers […]

Life during the Great Depression

John Steinbeck is one of Americans best selling author. Steinbeck has wrote over 25 books throughout his writing career. Steinbeck traveled around the world to get ideas for his books. He mainly wrote about what it was like to live in the Great Depression and about American life in the 20’s. He wrote about his […]

The Great Depression and World War Two

Throughout United States history we have seen events that have had either positive or negative impacts on our nation. While there are many events that are equally as important, there are three major events that seem to be amongst the most important within the history of the United States. Those three events include the Great […]

President Hoover and the Great Depression

There have been many historic events that have led to how the United States is ran today. Some affecting the county in negative ways, some affecting the country in positive ways. One of the most influential events still spoken about until this day is The Great Depression. Although other countries were involved as well as […]

Consequences of the Great Depression

Working on behalf of others is questionable. Some people may think it’s fine while others do not. Some examples are “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange, the documentary “girl rising”, and Jacob Riis the Photographer. Yes it is fair to exploit a few people for many because it will help the few people that need it. […]

Era of the Great Depression

During the era of the Great Depression, many people felt loss and hopelessness. Everyone was scared of the future, no one knew what was going to happen or if the economy was going to get back on its feet. Above all, though, minorities suffered the greatest from the Great Depression. African Americans were always the […]

Culture during the Great Depression

T.S. Eliot and F. Scott Fitzgerald are two famous writers with exceptional talent, whom both bring something different to the literary world. Eliot was a groundbreaking 20th century poet who found his love for writing by leaving the United States and finding his inspiration in England where he spent the rest of his life. One […]

The Worst Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression

The global financial crisis of 2007-2008 is considered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. It is critical to study the factors that brought the global economy to its knees and from which we are still feeling the effects today. In order that the past will not be repeated, we must study the political […]