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Hurricane Katrina: New Orleans’ Reaction and Racial Segregation in The United States

In 1968 the Civil Rights Act passed abolishing legal forms of racism but it didn’t end racism in the United States. Structural racism blocks access to economic, political, and/or social opportunities for people of color due to a class system where European Americans are placed on top while people of color are placed at the […]

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Hurricane Katrin: America’S Strongest Hurricane

What was the most devastating hurricane to hit the country known as the united states of America? Hurricane Katrina was America’s worst hurricane to ever hit the country. First off there is the question of how storm was formed. Secondly there is the course of destruction the storm brought by. Third there are the effects […]

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Famous Stories of The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

In Andrew Jackson speech on Indian Removal and Michael Rutledge “Samuel’s Memory”,diction plays a huge role on developing the tone.While Jackson use of word choices makes his address to congress sound uplifting, Rutledge use of word choices creates a tone of confusion. In Jackson address to congress on the Indian Removal, Jackson creates a tone […]

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