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California Gold Rush by Colby Granberg

The great California gold rush was the largest internal migration in American history, it brought about 300,000 people to California to dig one of the most prized possessions back then, gold. The California gold rush gave California there nick name as the “Golden State”. Many of the once inhabited gold rush towns soon turned into […]

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The California Gold Rush, and The Westward Expansion

Have you ever heard of the California Gold Rush, and the Westward Expansion? Well in this story you will learn about it. Also, in this story you will learn about what tools that were used in the Gold Rush. Last but not least you will learn about why men left their families to go to […]

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About The California Gold Rush

This essay is going to be about the California Gold Rush and it will involve Immigration, Facts About California, James W. Marshall, Pros & Cons About Gold, and Finally a Conclusion. I feel like this essay will inspire you to do some research on the Westward Expansion, or help you with your research on Westward […]

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Propaganda and Advertising During The Time of The California Gold Rush

What did you see? Did you envision a happy era full of immigrants and Americans happily co-existing and starting a “new life?” People getting rich and living their “american dream?” Not everyone was happy with what was going on during this time period. The California Gold rush was the center of attention during the 1800’s […]

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What It Is Like During The California Gold Rush

Claire Vaye Watkins provide readers with a view of what it is like during the California gold rush through her short story called, The Diggings. The Diggings tells the story of two brothers who travel to the California desert in search of gold. The elder brother Errol fosters an obsession to the point of mania […]

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Negative Effects of The Gold Rush in California

The Gold Rush occurred between 1849 and 1874 in California, where over a billion dollars of gold was unearthed from the ground. There was an influx of people who hoped to benefit from this fortune which affected the economic, social and political development in California. James Marshall first discovered gold in Coloma, and initially it […]

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The Imposition of Us Power and Culture

According to Isenberg’s collection of primary sources from the gold rush era (The California Gold Rush 2018), the imposition of US power and culture on a newly conquered territory in California partially influenced Californian society, prominently shown through Californians’ efforts to prohibit slaves. However, Californian society was unique compared to the other states. In Californian […]

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