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“julius Caesar” is a Classic Story

Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare is a classic story. Caesar ruled Rome for many years before being assassinated by conspirators. While the book has many different words that could describe it, power is one the better words. Everyone in the story wants power in Rome. Julius Caesar is a novel about power. Whoever has […]

Pages: 2 Words: 466

The Chinese Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire

A long time ago, in the era of agriculture, there was an urgent necessity for any big empire to expand. The reason for this expansion was the need for both political and economic enforcement of the state. Invasion into unconquered territories was the best variant to get the desired enforcement of the state. In fact, […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1300
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What was the Influence of Feudalism

Empires and kingdoms faced many internal and external challenges to their rule. The three main type of challenges faced by the Romans, Chinese, and early medieval Europeans are Political problems, social problems, and Economic problems. It wasn’t easy to overcome these problems, but later Emperor overcome these problems by rules and laws. Roman faced so […]

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