Christopher Columbus Changed The World During The Early Modern Period in Many Different Ways

Christopher Columbus changed the world during the early modern period in many different ways. By colonizing the Americas created new trade commodities and new routes to travel by sea. Even though Christopher columbus colonized the Americas he did not discover them. There were natives living on the Americas before Columbus stepped foot on them. This also changed the way people lived forever. Christopher Columbus revolutionized the economy because he colonized the Americas and opened up more economical opportunities to other countries.

In the early modern period Christopher Columbus sailed all around on different expeditions. According to ( ) Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. “ He began his career as a mariner in the portuguese merchant fleet.” Columbus had a lot of trade voyages to begin his career. He learned the business of trade. In this time period a lot of trading posts were being created. “He gained a reputation as a master navigator.” He went to find a new continent that he failed twice at finding. According to ( ) Christopher Columbus sailed at 10 miles an hour and sometimes less or more. Most of the men complained about the long voyage. The second day of the voyage the sea was very high. “And because the caravel Pinta was the best sailor and was going ahead of the Admiral, land was discovered by her people and the signs which the Admiral had ordered were made.” They came to an Island in the Bahamas. Then they kept on sailing and found many other islands. They found an island that had naked people on it and they brought food and water to the sailers. They found part of the Americas on their and started to colonize them.

Christopher Columbus’s discovery impacted many people and places in different ways. According to ( ) “His landing in America ushered in the Age of Exploration, sparking a frenzy of European exploration and colonization.” Christopher Columbus made a big impact on the. As more explorers took to the sea, improvements in sailing vessels, navigation, cartography, and geography rapidly followed. Permanent settlements in the New World revolutionized trade–and the European economy.” This shows that the economy was changing because of the colonization of the Americas. According to ( ) “The arrival of Columbus precipitated the European conquest of the Americas and changed the world on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.” Columbus was introduced to tobacco and brought it back to Europe. Tobacco then became extremely profitable when selling it. The tobacco industry is still a big industry today and is very profitable. This changed the economy back then and has stuck with us until now.

Christopher Columbus had positive consequences. He changed the way the world was and is now. According to ( ) “He became the first European to discover maize (corn), sweet potatoes, capsicums (peppers), plantains, pineapples, and turtle meat. Subsequent expeditions found potatoes, wild rice, squash, tomatoes, cacao (chocolate beans), peanuts, cashews, and tobacco.” This made a big impact on the world because people were able to trade and eat these foods. The colonization of the Americas made people want to come and migrate to them. “But the discovery also resulted in exchanges of plants, animals, diseases, and even knowledge that brought dramatic changes to the world: it transformed the way people dressed, ate, traveled, and provided for themselves and their families.” This made a big impact on the world and mostly for the good because it bettered the way people lived. According to ( ) Christopher Columbus changed the way that people navigated the seas forever. Columbus also changed the way people predicted the weather. “Although he had spent only a few years in the Caribbean area, his observations of weather conditions enabled him to predict an impending hurricane. He gave Spain an empire and extended Christian civilization.”

Overall Christopher Columbus changed the economy and the way people live forever. He colonized the Americas and that made life so much different. There were many new discoveries in the early modern period. Christopher Columbus impacted many people in his lifetime and now. He wanted to learn the business of trading so he set out for his goal and completed it. Many people look up to him as a person that changed history forever.

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