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Gilded Age and Coxey’S Army

The streets were bare, and the city of Washington DC was as silent as a mouse. The cherry blossoms were starting to open their buds for the new years bloom, and the blaring sun started to peak out from the clouds due to the harsh winter of 1994. From a distance, footsteps and yelling started […]

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The Gilded Age: America’S Wealthiest and Most Corrupt Period

The creation of the national market is one of the best things that happened not only to america but to the entire world. Lots of new technologies were invented during this time period like Carnegie Steel process however, as society in america started to fall depression began to rise. Starting in the late 1860’s to […]

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The Gilded Age and Its Impact

The Gilded Age was a period after reconstruction from the 1870’s to the 1900. The United States was going through Industrialization during this time and we saw major changes in the economy, government, and technology also spiked. During this period we also saw massive poverty and unequal wealth; the rich were getting richer and poor […]

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Railroads of The Gilded Age

The key to a prosperous economy is in a nation’s ability to transport goods in a market. The faster a transport of ordered goods can be made, more sales can occur; therefore, leading to a boost in economy. Railroads, with the invention of the steam engine, were utilized by the United States to increase sales […]

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History of The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age was a period that took place during the late nineteenth century, particularly in the Northern and the Western parts of the United States. During this defining moment in history, many events took place; events that had a profound impact on the future of the United States. This Gilded Age was characterized by […]

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The Appropriation of The Gilded Age Title

Imagine talking to a very attractive person on social media, just to meet up with them in person and realize their appearance is nothing like their profile. This has become commonly known as a “catfish,” and relates to the Gilded Age (1860-1890) because this era introduced supposed “improvements” which came up short of their expectations. […]

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The American Dream and The Gilded Age

This research paper addresses the influences of the profound discoveries made during the Industrial Revolution on the American Dream, mainly the railroads. It uses a variety of sources. My goal is to comprehend the changes on people’s goals when America’s population, jobs, and opportunities spiked. This research paper is important because it addresses the time […]

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