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The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Imagine a life where you cannot be free and express who you are due to the pigment of your skin. A detail of yourself that you had no control of, defines your future. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, many political movements and debates were taking place in America, however; there is one that still affects […]

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History of The Civil Rights Act of 1964

In the US, there are three bodies of government, the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches. For a bill to become a law, we must look directly at the legislative branch to find our answer. First, anyone can draft a piece of legislation, but the must be proposed by a member of congress. Afterwards, the majority […]

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Running Head: Civil Rights

Before the civil rights act of 1964, African Americans were constitutionally discriminated against. Although the thirteenth Amendment ended slavery and servitude. The fourteenth Amendment gave anyone born in the United States citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws. The Fifteenth amendment gave men of color the right to vote. The Fifteenth Amendment to the […]

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Dealing With Police Brutality

Have you ever witnessed or know someone who has suffered of police brutality? People would never think that the men and women that are supposed to protect us are the ones abusing their power. Police brutality occurs when police officers use excessive or unnecessary force when dealing in certain situations with civilians. There are many […]

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