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The Works of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’S Gettysburg Address

All throughout American Literature, writers have been composing literary works that have been influencing future authors. These writers create literary works usually discussing religion, politics, or a personal experience. The numerous amounts of writings present in American Literature can be quite similar to one another or can differ from one another when compared to different […]

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“What to Slave Is The Fourth of July” by Douglass Frederick

Frederick Douglass speech is all about slavery and freeing if African American’s. Frederick is a renowned artist who passionately delivers his speech on slavery, a speech which was termed as “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” Frederick Douglass constructed his speech effectively a situation which made his arguments reach targeted audience African […]

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An Essay on Literacy in The Time of Malcolm X

As, Frederick douglass and Malcolm X write in their experiences literacy is empowering because it helps you understand more about your social context and communicate with the world. Malcolm X begins to teach himself how to read and write in prison. He would go through the difficult stages to become intelligent person. For example, he […]

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The Struggle for Freedom 

African-Americans have a long history of racial discrimination in America. Their rights, as well as identities, were degraded for over 400 years during slavery. Even after the Union won the American Civil War and slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment, African-Americans still experienced racial discrimination and were denied their civil rights due to laws […]

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The Dehumanizing Effects of Slavery: A Narrative of Frederick Douglas

Slavery is a horrible act towards any human being because all humans are born free and equal, no matter what skin color they have. In the 19th c., many African- Americans and Indians came under the brutal life of slavery under whites from Europe. Slaves worked in farms and homes for small payments that could […]

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