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In The Book a Long Way Gone a Boy Is Going Through a Civil War

In the book A Long Way Gone a boy named Ishmael Beah is going through a civil war in Sierra Leone. He is faced with death, hunger and loneliness. In the beginning of the book he is separated from his family and is forced to leave his hometown. He leaves with his older brother and […]

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Why The Civil War Was Inevitable 

Whenever conflict arises the initial reaction from most people would be whether or not it was preventable. People can invent many concepts on how a war could have been prevented, but at the end of the day these issues still appear and remain unsolved. Moreover, when conflict continually occurs and history continues to repeat itself […]

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Toni Morrison’s Post Civil War Novel, “Beloved”

In 1987, the novel “Beloved” came about. This post-civil war novel by Toni Morrison is a heartbreaking novel of battling with memories, your horrible actions, and the past. In everyone’s life, there is a moment that is so horrific and so heartbreaking that all you want to do is push it so far back in […]

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Abraham Lincoln and Civil War Essay

Abraham as a wise and generous man that lived to read books and spend lots of time with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln and his four sons Robert Todd Lincoln, Thomas ‘Tad’ Lincoln III, William Wallace Lincoln, and Edward Baker Lincoln. “Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Hodgenville, […]

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Westward Expansion 1860-1870 and Civil War

After the Civil War, Americans moved west of the Mississippi River, assuming control the area for farms, homesteads, and mines, and driving out the first clients, the Local Americans. American pioneers and European migrants overpowered the adversities of life on western homesteads planning to bring together new lives. An important part of the area in […]

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How The Union Won The Civil War 

About 620,000 soldiers died from battle, accident, hunger, and illness during the Civil War. The issue comes from the 1889 survey of the struggle executed by William F. Fox and Thomas Leonard Liver more. Both forces fought for their state. Breckenridge won these slave holding states, with the example of Tennessee, VA and KY in […]

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Angola in Period of War

Angola, although abundant in wealthy resources, still faces a lack of development. It may seem that the dependency theory could be a factor in this, however, civil war has been the leading cause of the prevention of successful development. After their secession from Portugal, the fight for power over the country turned into a civil […]

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This Story Is a Biography About a Child Soldier

This story is a biography about a child soldier who has lost everything and everyone, Ishmael Beah was a twelve year old boy who becomes a soldier during a war in Sierra Leone which is a country in west Africa. Music, music was an important part of Ishmael’s life because it brought out a part […]

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Fall of Rome

Ancient Rome began as a small town in Italy and eventually grew into an empire that contained most of Europe, Britain, Western Asia, Northern Africa, and the Mediterranean islands. Rome became an empire soon after Julius Caesar came into power and conquered France. Augustus, who was Julius Caesar’s adopted son, took the throne after his […]

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The American Civil War and the War of 1812 in “Poem 1732” by Emily Dickinson

Literature can be used to explain a period of time, and give insights as to how the general public felt, conveying true emotions and ideals instead of just textbook descriptions. Poem 1732 by Emily Dickinson is an excellent example of such, Dickinson was a female writer who lived in America and wrote during the mid […]

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