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The True Effects of the Harlem Renaissance

New York became “ The Black Capital” of America during the 1920s. When Black Americans started heading north, or west, during, what we now call, the great migration, Harlem became heavily populated with justice seeking African Americans. Coincidently, this movement was also heavily associated with the Jazz movement, which was also created by Black musicians […]

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 Christianity through Harlem Renaissance Literature 

The Harlem Renaissance, also called the New Negro Movement, was a period in which African American citizens contributed immensely to society through literature, music, art, and politics. From approximately 1918 to the mid-1930s, this movement encapsulated the African American desire to contribute their unique experiences and prove to white America that they were capable and […]

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Harlem Renaissance: Self-Expression through Art

The Harlem Renaissance is often referred to as the birthplace of modern black culture. This movement of expression through art and literature showed a development in African American communities’ contributions towards society. The time period began to present blacks in a new light that had been dimmed by the so-called inferiority of their existence. Not […]

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The Cultural Revolution of the Roaring Twenties

In the Roaring Twenties Jazz-Age flappers flouted Prohibition laws and the Harlem Renaissance redefined arts and culture. The Roaring Twenties was time of cultural and political change. The Great Gatsby relates to this topic by showing different types of social classes during the 1920s. In 1920s New York was at the highest point for prohibition […]

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An Essay on the Roaring Twenties

I choose the topic of the 1920s, more commonly referred to as the Roaring Twenties. This was a time of exciting change and new cultural touchstones. It was also a time in which increased of personal freedom in many areas of society was introduced. The biggest war in history had just ended, and following in […]

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Harlem Renaissance: Langston Hughes

There are many time periods or movements that have changed the history of America forever. Though several may have come to mind, there is one that drastically changed the outlook on African American rights: the Harlem Renaissance, a time period when a large number of African Americans began to emerge as intelligent writers. This time […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness seems to come in a number of ways and number of people. It’s something money can’t buy and is priceless, and it’s something we should all fight for. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, a Harlem Renaissance classic written by Zora Neal Hurston that follows a girl named Janie Crawford and her neverending search […]

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