Death Penalty: Our People Are Dying Along With Our Dignity 

Cruelty has been poisoning the earth for as long as we can remember. More effort has been applied to creative punishments rather than addressing the problem. Since the eighteenth century man has found reason to execute human beings. For many years this execution process has come with numerous difficulties, and recently has become more of a problem. This penalty should be executed because it comes with many difficulties for today’s society such as, inflation of taxes, innocent man being put at risk, and an increase of crime rates.

Yay, more taxes! All so these criminals may achieve what they so ever desire, their own demise. Death is the escape from guilt they acquire from acts of sin. These disgraces to man are wallowing around costing the people $1.26 million a year to give them what they want; that´s compared to $740,000 for life without parole. The death penalty was not allowed until 1976, when it was reinstated, because the toll it takes is costing taxpayers $90,000 more a year (Costs 1). This is costing many states a lot of unnecessary foundings, that come with many negative results; for example, every time a killer is sentenced to die, a school closes. While it May be overly dramatic it’s very true. This is why 15 states have abolished this penalty so far, and introduced alternatives such as life sentences. You may be thinking, a quick death will costs less than paying for a man to life without parole. You would be mistaken because the justice system must make sure these men are guilty; causing trial time to be prolonged and indeed extensive. They cannot make the mistake of sending more innocent men to death row.

Wrongful execution is a miscarriage of justice occurring when an innocent person is put to death by capital punishment. Sending an innocent man to death row shouldn’t be a mistake we make in today’s society, especially when we have other alternative punishments. A new study from the National Academy of Sciences believes one out of every twenty five men sent to death row is innocent (Levy 1). We sentence 4.1 percent of innocent men to a sentence they do not desire, nor deserve. The death penalty is not helping in anyway, it’s killing the innocent, and not scaring the guilty.

This penalization is not tactical, because it’s not scaring corrupted people off the street. Sources continue to reveal the most excessive murder rates are in the country’s that have this penalty, with only the exception of three states without the death penalty (Michigan, New York, and Alaska) ranked in the top twenty five (Levy 1). You can say we are taking these evil people out of our world, yet they don’t pay for their crime by a swift death. This penalty is not an effective disincentive against illegality. This penalty continues to fail at intimidating these criminals.

This penalization is not helping, because it’s corrupting other countries of funds they could be using for better purposes, putting innocent man at risk for something they don’t deserve, and it comes with an increase in crime rates. We should not use extra funding to take killers, rapists, and more; just to give them a quick painful death. We should be locking them away, so they shall never bother the good people of this world. The real threats are the unconvicted men on the streets, who have yet to meet with Justice herself.

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