Should Death Penalty Be Allowed?


In 1992 a senior citizen who was around for the Clinton presidential campaign and administration decided to support capital punishment. The imbalance of death row requires abolition to America support and effect save lives. In philosophy perspective, as we human beings think that the death row is wrong and brutal. Other perhaps to think that it’s neutral because of they believe in punishment. Furthermore, the history behind death penalty comes from the execution of hanging prisoner. The death penalty is a tolerable denial of civil liberties and have fundamental value in our democratic system. Violent crime rank reduced every time theirs murder increases. Innocent people are too often sentenced to death. Since 1973, over 156 people have been released from death rows in 26 states because of innocence. Nationally, at least one person is exonerated for every 10 that are executed

In some countries, execute people who were under 18 years old when the crime was committed, others use the capital punishment against people with mental and intellectual disadvantage and several others that apply the death penalty after unfair trail in clear violation of laws along with standards. The Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks people on death row who were exonerated, lists 162 cases of death penalty exonerations going back to 1973. Of those, 27 are from Florida, more than any other state. And of those 27, four are from Broward County, more than any other county.

Following the Florida Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the state’s first attempt at fixing the death penalty, Public Policy Polling found that 62 percent of Floridians would prefer to do away with executions entirely and sentence murderers to life in prison. Jurors have delivered fewer death penalty verdicts. (9)(Sweeney, Dan)

Should the death penalty be allowed? Yes, in fact, the criminal justice system reserves the death penalty in U.S.A for the most brutal murder. Understanding the significant, death row is a section or area of a prison where criminal convicted of crimes warranting the death penalty await their execution. Just like capital punishment deals with penalty of death for committing a certain crime.

The death penalty should be legal because it’s cheaper and more humane to elimate people. ‘While adversaries of the death penalty claim that it is unreasonably utilized against African– Americans, each extra execution prevents the homicide of 1.5 African– Americans. Further moratoria, drove sentences, and death row evacuations seem to build the occurrence of homicide… Americans bolster the death penalty for two valid justifications. To start with, there is little proof to propose that minorities are dealt with unreasonably. Second, the death penalty delivers a solid impediment impact that spares lives.'(100)(David B. Muhlhausen)

I personally have reformed my way of thinking about capital punishment is still goes on til this day. In the past, the whole point of brutal punishment is for criminal to suffer. Although, around our universal whether is U.S.A or Other countries such as, South American or Northern Korea these system has many way of dealing with these punishment. Symbolic meaning behind all this is to honorable death. What started out in 1905 with ancient punishment is Lingchi (Slow Slicing).

In china, executioners were task off by getting slice and allowing them to lose blood. Another brutal punishment is Sawing. In the medieval, somewhere in Europe that victims who committed witchcraft, adultery, murder and theft. Would hang the executioner upside down, feet up and head to the floor and would use a saw to cut down vertically. Moreover, In India their form of capital punishment is Execution by elephant. In the middle ages, elephant could be commanded to crush a victim limb to limb similar to hanging, quarting, and drawing. Lastly, In Scotland, their form of capital punishment is gibbeting. Gibbeting is when they hang you by chains and your body will hang until your flesh and bone decay.

My View

Equally important, my point of view of the death penalty is that it should not be abolished and remains as a law when an executor commits a harsh crime. Also, I suggest that the court system need to identify what type for crime was committed or separate the punishment based on how the crime was committed because there are men/women who are innocent for something they didn’t do.

I don’t know what’s bad, tourting or suffering. Overall, they somehow fall under the same category. My issue is that the justice system is never 100% correct. “Judges and juries can convict the innocent and not so innocent, as we know most crimes end up with criminals serving jail time. Because they were only sent to jail and not sentenced to death their sentence can be reversed.

A death penalty is irreversible. The jury is also a factor in determining penalty. We have all the correct motivation to live. May it be a criminal, a cleric or only a common individual? Offenders particularly killers have been tormented and killed on numerous occasions. They have carried out a ghastly crime, it doesn’t imply that we need to hurt them or slaughter them moreover. Some people have approved the death penalty to decrease the crime rates of their country.

Capital punishment, or the death penalty, might be recommended by Congress or any state lawmaking body for homicide and other capital violations. As indicated by Amnesty International, starting at July 2015, 101 nations have nullified capital punishment for all violations in law, while 140 nations have abrogated capital punishment in law or practice. From the equivalent source, 58 nations still proceed with the act of Death Penalty.

Offenders have done frightful violations throughout their life yet it doesn’t mean they don’t have the directly to live. Allowing capital punishment in one’s nation doesn’t end or diminish the wrongdoing rates that may happen right currently in somebody’s nation. Capital punishment ought to be totally abrogated in our general public inferable from the way that it doesn’t diminish wrongdoing rates, costs a great deal of cash and puts blameless lives in danger.


In addition, Historians and constitutional lawyers seem to agree that by the time the Founding Fathers wrote and signed the U.S. Constitution in 1787, and when the Bill of Rights were ratified and added in 1791, the death penalty was an acceptable and permissible form of punishment for premeditated murder. Donald trumps the 45th president of the united stated mention that wants to see the death penalty come in vogue again. He’s wants a longstanding fascination with capital punishment.

Trump thought “The death penalty. It should be brought back and it should be brought back strong… They say it’s not a deterrent. Well, you know what, maybe it’s not a deterrent but these two men convicted of killing two police officers in Hattiesburg, MS will not do any more killing. That’s for sure. “On the other hand, our federal and state constitutions are appeal with rights were we as an international chorus have made to society that we determine the commitment to avoid punishing the innocent. However, we the jury has to decide that there are consequences when it comes to crimes; especially the death penalty is just retribution and should be administered. If the death penalty is not administered then the punishment can’t takes places and will be suggested.


In conclusion, capital punishment has assumed a noteworthy job in the United States Correctional System consistently. A few people have been for capital punishment while others have been against it. A few people also of the unfortunate casualty’s family feel capital punishment is the main measure that can be taken to fix their torment and for other people, equity has been served.

Despite the fact that capital punishment has been utilized in the execution of prisoners, the injured individual’s agony still isn’t relieved. Prisoners have been executed for their underhanded demonstrations that have made a great deal of torment exploited people and to society. Besides, capital punishment has been utilized for quite a few years to deter a guilty party from carrying out savage wrongdoings in the public arena yet that has not been the situation for a few culprits.

Also, a few expresses that have canceled or that have not taken an interest in capital punishment have not discovered whatever other estimates that can be utilized to help prisoner’s lives subsequent to serving a long time in jail to better their lives and to be discharged into society after they have been completely restored. Likewise, capital punishment influences the detainee being executed as well as influences the prisoner’s family, exploited people, the unfortunate casualty’s family, just as the criminal equity framework as a the punishment should fit the crime if you killed someone, you should be killed as well. If someone murders someone else, they have given up their human rights, including staying alive.

With the exception of mass murderers, serial killers, or other heinous psychopaths, the death penalty should not be used on first time offenders. The death penalty is a necessary punishment to prevent psychopathic violent offenders from persecuting or murdering innocent people. Some individuals consider it their right to do whatever they want and to force their will on whomever they want. They cannot be cured so we should execute them to protect other prisoners and the innocent from them.


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