Black Lives Matter: End Police Brutality

I believe that black lives matter when I watch the news, I see that cops are not killing innocent men because of color or race. We are equal in law but when it comes to having police brutality there are 258 people shot and killed by police in the U.S. And, do you know what’s weird? They are all black people.(BBC NEWS July 18,2016).

I believe that everyone in this world –no matter what race or color –should be treated equally when it comes to police and that person’s rights. I believe innocent men like Jordan Edwards deserve to live because this was not a misunderstanding That was police brutality toward a kid because of his color and race. This kid was murdered for being black by a police who had no reason to arrest or charge him with crime. That is sick when you are with friends and you are shot for being a different color and race. The only problem with this is it’s not the only race this is happening to this happens with hispanics and other races that are not white.

The problem is this is not the only case where a black person is shot and killed for his color. The next one is about Philando Castile who was shot by police for telling them he had a gun for safety in his car. In this case the officer didn’t have any right to shoot because the gun wasn’t on him. When did it become okay that when you hear the word gun you shoot the person who said it especially if they are black?

The persistent problem is that police seem to think on impulse and when they hear “gun” they shot him but didn’t let them finish the statement to tell them where it was. The impact is that it’s always a black man getting shot because of police brutality. How many more must die for police brutality of black men to stop and for all skin colors and races to be equal?

How many more people have to be like Rosa Parks or MLK for innocent men to stop be killed by police brutality?

The way I see it, we are equal in law so why can’t man be accepted the way they are or their differences be embraced? Why must one black man die for another to stand up? I believe in black men and women’s rights and that police should think twice before pulling the trigger and sending another innocent man to die for the color of his skin. This has to be the end of police brutality in America and the end of racism around the world so that men can be equal in the law.

The men and women of this world protest police brutality against blacks but really it’s for all races and colors. So take a stand because BLACK LIVES MATTER! This I believe in equality of race and equality in skin tone and less police brutality towards skin color and towards a person’s ethnicity.

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