“julius Caesar” is a Classic Story

Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare is a classic story. Caesar ruled Rome for many years before being assassinated by conspirators. While the book has many different words that could describe it, power is one the better words. Everyone in the story wants power in Rome.

Julius Caesar is a novel about power. Whoever has the power is in control, and this causes many conflicts throughout the story. In the beginning of the play, Julius Caesar is the ruler of Rome. He has a lot of power, and uses every bit of it. Caesar begins to become corrupt with all his power though. He uses it too often to get what he wants. The other characters in the story realize this, and want to do something about it. The author (Brutus) says,” He lies with too much power… we must kill Caesar. (Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 119-122) This shows how the other citizens of Rome react when Caesar has the power in Rome. Brutus kills Caesar, and the power must go to someone else.

After Caesar’s death in the story, no one rules Rome for a short time. Everyone is fighting for the power. Following Caesar’s death Antony takes over the rule of Rome with the help from Octavius and Lepidus. The three rule as a triumvirate for a short period of time before Brutus and Cassius want power. This begins a war for power in Rome. The main two fighting for the power are Brutus and Antony. The author (Antony) says,” We must rule, we must control here.” (Act 5, Scene 1, Lines 42-43) This shows everyone knows the winner of the war will become the next ruler of Rome. Many people fight the war on the side of who they believe will be the next great ruler of Rome, while others do not care about the war. Brutus kills himself during the war after a lot of miscommunication. Antony’s side “wins” the war. This leads to Antony having a lot of power in Rome.

The story ends with no one as the ruler of Rome, but many people do have some power. The main characters with power are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus. Ironically these are the three who sorta took over after Caesar’s death. The author (Antony) says,” O’ Octavios thy will not gain anything.” (Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 40-44) This shows that Antony believes he has taken over the power of Rome.

One of the main ideas of Julius Caesar is power. Everyone in the story needs the power, so they can have a chance of ruling after Caesar’s death. Many people die from power, while many people thrive because of it. This is why power is such a big idea in the story Julius Caesar.

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