Representation of Prejudices in Zootopia Movie

Zootopia offers moral instruction by outlining an allegory relating prey and predator to the prejudices in America. Often discussed is how impressive Zootopia handles the concepts of prejudice through Nick’s role, and showing parallels to the discriminated in “Purity of America.” The film centers around Judy Hopps who aspires to be recognized as much more than a bunny. Along the way, she meets Nick Wilde who, being a minority, is seen going through similar discrimination to the black citizens of “Purity of America.”

The film was made to recognize and touch on prejudice and not racism, so it connects the idea of how harmful preconceived biases were made against a different skin color. Young Nick was muzzled after being deemed too dangerous, and is much like when blacks were titled being the ones who caused, “violence, theft, rape and disease,” without any further proof, (Zootopia) (Harari,141). Even during childhood, society would decline colored people of certain things because of the bias and lies they had believed. Many labelled with this role would learn to grow into it as time goes on like a prophesy. Knowing they wouldn’t be seen as much more in the eyes of whites, many would continue to accept their demonization.

Prejudices against blacks were desensitized and void of human compassion, yet the deception would lead to new heights by segregating public areas. Nick being refused service for being a fox is a similar idea to whites “protecting” themselves from blacks by having them be, “forbidden to vote in elections, study in white schools, buy in white stores, [and] to eat in white restaurants,” (Zootopia) (Hariri, 142). Society began to think their prejudices justified their lowly actions. It’s seen that people could be so disgusted by other’s existence with little interaction that they couldn’t stand being in the same room. This affected various buildings that would favor better service for the whites.

Media was a very prominent cause to racial misinformation spread and discrimination going on through early America. As a national hero, Judy’s speech had spread misinformation to the media correlating with the fact that, “ biologists argued that blacks are less intelligent than whites.” (Zootopia) (Harari, 141). Unfortunately, early prejudices have left a lasting effect on America. Over time, they become weaker, but still make their way around due to the coverage on these lies not long ago. These lies caused people to be afraid of blacks just like how the media was questioning the safety of predators.

The creators of Zootopia have illustrated well sociopolitical factors through Nick’s role. Even far back into childhood, prejudices would still shame those in the minority. That childhood factor led to being deemed too dangerous and separated society in public. Small myths even led to the media continuing to push them.All these points complete the idea of Zootopia and Prejudices being similar.

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