Hurricane Katrin: America’s Strongest Hurricane

What was the most devastating hurricane to hit the country known as the united states of America? Hurricane Katrina was America’s worst hurricane to ever hit the country. First off there is the question of how storm was formed. Secondly there is the course of destruction the storm brought by. Third there are the effects of the storm, Hurricane Katrina to talk of. And lastly an survivors view of the storm.

How the storm was formed

Hurricane Katrina was Formed about three hundred twenty two kilometers from the south east of the bahamas. It was created when a tropical depression in the ocean started to wrap around a remnant storm that already had winds of forty miles per an hour. The stormes continued to mix until it completely wrapped and became the violent, deadly storm known as Hurricane Katrina. The winds carried it twarge areas like the gulf coast.

Timeline of the storm

The storms timeline really starts when it starts to head from the area that this article told you of earlier to the mainland. First the hurricane hits the state of florida on the twenty fifth of August. While there it does around 2 billion in damages and leaves about a million people without electricity. It also causes the death of between two to fourteen american citizens based on what source you use .After that on the same day it begins to lose power losing and becomes reclassified as a tropical storm. It stays like this for a couple of Hours until it enters the gulf coast. There it regains power being reclassified as a hurricane again due to the gulf coast allowing hurricane katrina to stay under a huge anticyclone.

A little while later on the twenty seventh of august the hurricane doubles in its size. The doubling in size makes it be reclassified again as a tear three storm. This causes many political figures to become worried so in response they deployed many homeland security members. This would later on help out the states later to be hit by the storm.

On the next day, the twenty eighth of august the Hurricane becomes classified as an level five storm. Also on that day the political leaders and general people of New Orleans become worried the hurricane would cause the flood gate holding back the ocean to fail. Responding to the worry The city activates an evacuation order that only around one million citisent followed. Another 110,000 stay in the city without doing anything or head to the superdome where around three hundred national guard were waiting to help the remaining civilian population there.

After that on the twenty ninth of august the storm hits land for the first time after florida. It also weakens to a level three hurricane form a level five hurricane from the day previous. It also stars to affect new orleans that day by making the seventeenth street canal fail. This failure causes eighty percent of the city of new orleans to become submerged or funded in water. That day it also starts to affect the states of louisiana and mississippi killing 1,577 people in louisiana and 238 in the state of mississippi. The storm also disrupted oil production on the coast and destroyed around 90 percent of of infrastructure around the coastal regions where it hit. Going back to new orleans it also ended accessibility to clean water, electricity, and communication. These events cause the united states coast guard to start helping when the storm weakens. By the end of the day The storm downgrade yet again to a tropical storm.

Hurricanes effect after the storm

The storm continued to do damage even after it died on the thirtieth of august by setting cities and states into panic. You can see some of this on the 30th of august in new orleans where people would go house to house and kill or steal people stuff, sometimes they would do both. Another example of this is seen the same day where a rescue helicopter sent out by rescuers was shot at by people welding sniper rifles trying to control parts on the city. This violence was so bad that on the same day they had to send out american military ships and helicopters.

The day of August 31st wasn’t as bad though because the last day the us military had started to arrest or eradicate the thugs controlling the city. That didn’t end the problem so the government declared new orleans a public health emergency. It also added curfew laws temporarily to the city to try and prevent further death and damages. Also on the same day gas prices in the region go to an all time high having gasoline and other fossil fuels cost up to 5.00 dollars a gallon.

Throughout september the 1 and september the 3rd people continue to bo repairs. For example on the first of september 6,500 people in the national guard are deployed in hope to aid the civilian pouli of new orleans. They continue to help on september the 2 by bringing in food, water, and various medical supplies along with military engineers to build devices to pump out the remaining flood water. After that on the third of december around 3600 paratroopers are deployed to continue helping new orleans.

More things continued to occur throughout september 4th throughout september 6th like when on september the 4th 27,000 troops of the national guard head to help louisiana. Also on the same day thousands of firefighters go to help new orleans even more. By the end of that day the coast guard rescued about 15600 people. The day after, September fifth engineers fix the area where hurricane katrina demolished the flood wall. They also start the long draining process. The last thing they do that day is search for the people who accounted the casualties. The day after only one thing happens. The thing that happened that day was the order of all civilians to be removed from new orleans.

Through september 7th to september 12th the storms effects still weren’t completely cleaned up. On the 7th of september people discover 30 corpses near a building called st rita’s nursing home. Another discovery was made in new orleans, this time about the water. People found out that the water in new Orleans was dangerously contaminated to such an extent that just touching the murky water could damage of kill your body. Nothing really happens on the eighth other than the vice president touring the ruined areas of mississippi. A while later on the tenth of september the united states engineering core obtain another pump making the endeavor of draining the city much faster. Two days after that the military puts pesticides in the city to control the bug problems caused by the hurricanes toxic water. Also the city becomes only 40 percent flooded compared to the initial 80 percent.

After september twelth not very much happens other than new Orleans being completely drained of all flood water, the discovery of 160,000 homes being decimated within new orleans, and preparations for the next Hurricane, Hurricane rita. The storm had many effects as you could see killing people and destroying homes. One good thing did happen due to the storm which was some reforms to make sure something like this could never happen again.

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